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The privacy problem

By Huynh Thien Tu

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Traditionally, in daily interactions, Vietnamese people have cared little about privacy. However, for 30 years now, the right to privacy has gradually been specified in legal documents. If long-established habits are not altered, the protection of privacy will be largely a lip service in the modern-day society. A modern-day lifestyle For centuries, harsh living conditions and an agriculture-based economy have given way to a communal lifestyle and a tradition of sharing among Vietnamese people. They have developed a strong sense of reciprocality, relying on one another to overcome hardships instead of privately tackling issues. Due to this mindset, privacy and respect for privacy are alien in society and have not become recognized in the traditional culture. However, in the past 30 years or so, privacy has gradually been codified in Vietnam’s legal system. After multiple times of amendments, the right to privacy has been maintained and expanded: private information and personal secrets are protected by the law. Recognizing the right to privacy in the law mirrors the State’s viewpoint to safeguard individuals’ privilege over their own privacy in a civilized society and to keep intervention from outsiders at arm’s length. If the law is considered as a binding convention, then […]
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