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ToroG SmartPOS – Multi-service platform for store/enterprise owners

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As the market economy gradually shifting to the 4.0 business model, cash is no longer the only payment solution, as merchants and shop owners are making new innovations to meet the ever increasing market’s demand for transactions to be settled through other mechanism other than cash. Finding the best business solutions also poses new challenges to store owners because there are numerous service providers on the market.

To make life easier for store owners, Kootoro Vietnam has introduced its all-in-one solution: ToroG SmartPOS model – Multi-service affiliate platform with a desire to support “lean and efficient operation with breakthrough revenue generation”.

Unlike other POS devices on the market, ToroG has built-in QR code payment function with E-voucher or e-wallet and connects with banks that accept multiple payment methods on the device.

In addition, ToroG has built-in order-taking service, supporting the process of receiving orders online and initiating delivery.

To become a powerful assistant, ToroG has built a smart and professional sales reporting platform. With just one simple click, a store owner will have access to all the critical analytic information on a real time basis, enabling the store owner to have better understanding and handling of his/her situation. The platform will analyze the best -selling/ poor-selling product lines and promptly suggest a new business strategy accordingly to further enhance results.

ToroG SmartPOS – affiliated card payment and bill printing conveniently.

The reasons why shop owners choose ToroG are the key to 4.0 era business

Lean operation

With a compact design but integrating all forms of service on the market, shop owners do not need to spend too much time preserving and guiding employees to use the device  as well as minimizing mistakes or errors that occur during the operation.

Revenue breakthrough

Now users have more payment options and more incentives through ToroG when using the service in stores. Not only increasing sales, but also  creates a customer base with its attractive loyalty programs for repeat customers. At the same time, stores can effectively promote their brands through a system of affiliated channels.

Save investment costs

Cooperating with ToroG, shop owners can own a payment solution to replace all computer equipment, card payment devices, and print receipts with an investment cost of virtually zero VND.

With the rapid growth of smartphone users as well as the trend of cashless payments in Vietnam, Kootoro aims to deploy ToroG service nationally; to supply business in all industries from beauty services, travel and lodging, and online booking services. ‘We are confident that Kootoro possesses all capabilities and resources to meet demands from individual ( delivery drivers, taxi drivers, internet influencers,…) to small, medium and large-scale businesses across the nation. In the coming years, customers will see the all-in-one ToroG operating among stores wherever they visit. Store owners will see customers coming back to their stores more frequently. ’’ by Mr. Dien Pham- ToroG Chief Product Executive.

More information about ToroG at website: https://torog.vn/Hotline: 19003009

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