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Toyota Vietnam: social activities for a brighter tomorrow

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“Tomorrow must be better than today” is a philosophy Toyota Vietnam has been pursuing for 25 years since its inception in Vietnam. As one of leading automakers in the Vietnamese market, Toyota not only focuses on developing high-quality products and enhancing services to meet the demand of customers, but it also attaches importance to the country’s sustainable development by rolling out various corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

“Besides business and production activities, Toyota Vietnam regards CSR as a mission and has put social responsibilities on the front burner. With the hope to bring great values to the community, Toyota Vietnam has been launching a wide range of community programs in collaboration with State agencies and organizations, schools and locals,” says a representative from Toyota Vietnam’s board of directors.

“Toyota will strive to become a prestigious company which brings a better life for Vietnamese people,” the executive added.

Since early 2020, the coronavirus outbreak has heavily affected many countries in the world, including Vietnam. With the desire to join hands with the Government and people to fight Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, Toyota Vietnam has gifted VND10 billion to the Vietnamese Fatherland Front and VND1.1 billion to the northern province of Vinh Phuc where its production base is located.

Toyota Vietnam hands VND10 billion to the Vietnamese Fatherland Front to support the battle against Covid-19

Moreover, the automobile manufacturer is still maintaining its social activities in a number of fields such as culture, education, sports and environment.

Environmental protection

For greener schools, Toyota Vietnam and its dealership network have been implementing a tree-growing program at schools for four years, contributing to raising the young generation’s awareness of the environment protection. The firm has grown a total of 5,000 trees at 35 schools nationwide.

To minimize the use of plastic items and take advantage of used tires, as well as to protect the environment, Toyota has built playgrounds for children by reusing tires to make colorful swings, seesaws and planters, bringing much enjoyment to children.

Furthermore, reusing tires to build playgrounds for children has created a campaign calling on the young nationwide to protect the environment.

Scholarships to excellent students

Considering education one of its top priorities in the process of doing charity, Toyota Vietnam annually grants 85 scholarships to excellent students at some music training schools and 115 other scholarships to students majoring in automobile, technology, engineering and environment from 16 universities across the country.

Until now, there have been some 2,500 scholarships awarded to university students. The annual scholarship program is aimed at encouraging the learning spirit and creativity of students, contributing to the human resources development of the auto industry and Vietnamese society as well.

Besides giving scholarships, Toyota Vietnam has offered the annual Monozukuri course since 2005, which helps enterprises improve labor productivity and achieve optimal business efficiency.

Contributor to traffic safety education for children

Traffic accident remains a headache in Vietnam and traffic safety is a top mission during the country’s development process. Being aware of the importance of traffic safety and paying more attention to the safety of children, Toyota Vietnam runs the “Children Learn Traffic Safety with Toyota” program every year for higher awareness to help reduce traffic accidents.

Through this year’s program, Toyota is presenting 10 models of traffic safety valued at VND100 million each to 10 provinces with an aim to support traffic safety learning in schools. Thanks to the models comprising crossroads, traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic control kiosks, uniforms of traffic police and kid bicycles, students can easily acquire crucial road safety knowledge and skills while driving.

At Toyota Vietnam, the effort to improve the quality of life for underprivileged people is ceaseless and tireless as the auto producer has lent a big helping hand to some remote and mountainous areas by constructing schools, providing primary schools with clean water and awarding scholarships to students who are victims of traffic accidents.

By Nam Hung

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