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Tra Su, a paradise for Reunification and International Labor holiday

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Celebrating the 48th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and the reunification of the country, April 30, and International Labor Day, May 1, among many venues, one can choose Tra Su, known as a paradise of green tourism. This is a complex boasting many types of tourism including discovering the forest together with entertainment activities and delicious food.

Thus, Tra Su will be a perfect destination for your family and friends to be indulged into an amazing natural world, listening to songs of the pristine forest in the Mekong Delta.

Tasting various types of popular traditional cakes

A tourist site attractive to students

Besides its simplicity and pristine beauty, visitors to Tra Su will be surprised with diversified landscapes which the investors have spent a lot of time and energy looking after. Sitting on a boat, visitors could discover the cajuput forest, gaze at beautiful sceneries, lovely bird flocks in the sky and schools of fish swimming in the water.

The mysterious beauty of the cajuput forest gradually opens up in different hues from a quiet atmosphere to a brighter space with mild sunshine. The vivid color of nature makes visitors feel as if they lost in a wonder land, becoming a little child in front of Mother Nature and silently admiring the beauty.

Students witness the honey-making process

Every day, Tra Su cajuput tourist site in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province welcomes thousands of local and international guests. Of which, students are special guests that are offered with a 50% discount for entrance tickets, encouraging them to gain knowledge, learn experience from outing trips to realize how beautiful the country’s sceneries are. Tra Su is originally known through the lyrics of local song and poem as follows

“Tinh Bien has many talented weavers

To make such beautiful Van Giao brocade

Beautiful Tra Su cajuput forest

Boasting its open space and fresh air

Where boats gently float along small canals

In the green background of cajuput trees and duckweeds”

Young students are eager to get onto the boats

And now, the future generation could see the beauty of An Giang landscapes by their own senses and viewpoints. The investment in the tourist site aims to serve the country’s future generation, in addition to showing gratitude to the teachers who have dedicated their whole lives to the education and training career.

A layer of duckweeds is risen when the tide comes in, embracing the ancient cajuput forest, creating an immense green background where a robust vitality on reproductivity is hidden. “Common house of Tra Su” – a natural conservation area of Vietnam with a diversified ecosystem, is home to hundreds of rare animals, types of fish and birds, wildlife animals and plants.

We could hardly know how many aquarium plants are in the water, while scrutinizing leaves with strange color of purple, bright color of lotus and lily flowers in full bloom or yellow common sesban. Thus, many groups of students and scientists have selected materials for their research topics from this place.

How yummy local cakes

Besides, when visiting the Tra Su cajuput forest, guests can also participate in many other entertainment activities such as fishing, riding boat, cycling through the forest, folk games, and unique outdoor team building activities in the traditional clothes of the local residents.

And, do not miss opportunities to taste different types of traditional cakes of the Southern people in a buffet to be held from April 29 to May 03 where cakes are made by skilled and experienced artisans. These cakes’ ingredients that originate from natural sources are selected carefully to secure food hygiene. The event aims to preserve and promote the culinary culture of the Southern region.

Guests are happily tasting traditional cakes in the buffet

Over 30 different types of cakes attracting guests with its color and delicious flavor are well displayed. The space reminds them of a period in the past when preceding generations found a new land for settlement, when they knew how to take advantage of natural materials such as rice, glutinous rice, sweet potatoes, veggie to make tasty and nutritious cakes.

A menu offers a variety of choice for guests

Since then, for the Southern people, cakes are not simply the food to eat but they carry the soul of a country’s region, that are not replaceable with any other Western cakes. The cake making process, in the inter-regional cultural exchange, will create added values for traditional cakes, spread cuisine culture values and enhance the development of An Giang tourism.

A masterpiece of nature

Gazing at paddy fields with ripe rice crop and thick forest stretching in front of your eyes, enjoying specialties of the Mekong River Delta, and then letting your soul wander with clouds in the sky, sunshine and wind in a peaceful atmosphere is such an amazing experience in life. Why don’t you get up to visit Tra Su cajuput forest where beautiful landscapes and sincere people promise to bring you unforgettable memories.

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