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Tra Su cajuput forest reopened to international tourists

By Kim Duyen

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After two years of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s tourism sector has gradually recovered with the number of tourists surging during the lunar New Year holiday. Together with the recovery of the domestic tourism segment, the country has been doing preparations for the full reopening of international tourism from March 15, 2022.

The Tra Su cajuput forest ecotourism site and the An Hao solar power tourist site have welcomed nearly 20 first South Korean tourists. The trip has given great impressions and enjoyable, emotional and safe experiences in entertainment, shopping and catering services to the guests.

First tours by domestic tourists

Although the Tet holiday has passed, on provincial road 948, passenger cars have still been transporting guests from HCMC, Can Tho and adjacent provinces to Tra Su cajuput forest ecotourism site and the An Hao solar power tourist site after tourists visit the Shrine of the Sam Mountain Goddess. This is an indispensable closed tour to the Bay Nui (Seven Mountains) area. Especially, a green floodwater paradise and a solar farm are ideal destinations for hundreds of tourists.

A peaceful Tra Su

From early morning, the two tourist sites have welcomed tourists. Tra Su cajuput forest is attractive to guests thanks to its romantic beauty like artistic pictures with its beautiful and magnificent landscapes.

Meanwhile, the An Hao solar power tourist site has been a popular destination, which is considered a miniature safari of the delta, offering tourists with new emotions with its exquisite and splendid beauty.

Despite having just been developed, the tourist site has won the hearts of hundreds of tourists. It is an attractive destination which has captured the attention of netizens as well. There are tens of searches for the information about the An Hao solar power tourist site a day. Some videos about the tourist site have attracted millions of views.

The An Hao solar power tourist site welcomes international visitors

Beyond usual travel experiences, the tourist site has stirred up the calmness of the Thien Cam Mountain area and aroused the virtual world which has never been peaceful. Moreover, more active netizens have appeared and ruled the roost on forums.

That is the motivation and reason encouraging multiple talented photographers, directors and tourists of different colors and languages from different continents to visit the tourist site. Despite the passage of time, the solar farm has leisurely collected sunlight and beautified life.

Tours by foreign tourists

Recently, a delegation of representatives of South Korean enterprises, during their trip to Vietnam, has visited well-known destinations in the country. The Tra Su cajuput forest and An Hao solar power tourist sites have been chosen. During their tour, South Korean tourists have enjoyed and taken photos of the landscapes there. All of them wanted to capture peaceful moments in the mountainous area.

South Korean guests are impressed by the two tourist sites

Shin Jaedong, CEO of Marketbridge Group, said “After arriving in Vietnam, we have chosen to visit the Tra Su cajuput forest and An Hao solar power tourist sites as they are special tourist sites which have been advertised repeatedly on South Korea’s media channels. Despite having learned about the two tourist sites on social networks, I am astonished at their beauty.”

Representatives of South Korea enterprises on Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge

Unlike the noisy and bustling South Korea, coming to these two tourist sites, tourists can enjoy the romantic landscapes, live close to the nature, pass through canals to reach every corner of the cajuput forest and walk along solar panels to refresh themselves.

International visitors have wonderful experiences at the two tourist sites

A successful event to welcome the first international tourists on the first days of the year has signaled a successful year for the Tra Su cajuput forest and An Hao solar power tourist sites and An Giang’s tourism as a whole. The event is also an important stride proving the quality of services and capacity to ensure tourism activities in the new normal and boosting the development of An Giang’s tourism in the post-pandemic period.

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