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Trading on boats

By Nguyen Trung Au

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Floating markets are a vibrant part of local culture in the Mekong Delta region. Among them, Cai Rang floating market stands out as one of the largest and most traditional markets in the area.

To reach the market, located just 30 minutes from downtown Can Tho City, visitors embark on a boat journey. Cai Rang floating market has been operating since the early 20th century, specializing in the trade of agricultural products, fruits, and unique specialties of the Mekong Delta.

In 2016, the market was officially recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. It has also gained international acclaim, being listed as one of the ten most impressive markets in the world by the U.K.’s Rough Guides travel magazine and one of the five most beautiful and fascinating floating markets in Asia by the travel website Youramazingplaces.

Exploring Cai Rang floating market provides a unique and impressive experience, allowing visitors to witness the rich cultural heritage and vibrant trading scene of the Mekong Delta.

A boat at the market sells freshly baked bread, a popular item for visitors
Fruits dominate the market, ranging from durians to mangoes and star apples, among others
The sellers at the floating market are known for their friendliness and sociability
Visitors have the opportunity to buy and savor fresh fruits right on the boats
The market also offers a chance to taste Vietnam’s famous iced coffee with condensed milk, which is widely available
Tall bamboo poles are used by boat owners for displaying the products they sell at Cai Rang floating market
A boat offers coconut juice and other refreshing beverages to quench visitors’ thirst
The market is bustling with various types of boats, some of which serve as “mobile homes” for local vendors
Cai Rang floating market is a popular attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists
Rowing boats, like the one manned by this woman, are a common sight in the Mekong Delta, adding to the region’s charm
Visitors can catch a glimpse of the daily life of people living and trading at the floating market
Tropical fruits at the market are known for their freshness and affordability, making them a popular choice among visitors

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