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Traditional Japanese dolls exhibited at HCMC’s museum

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HCMC – The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam is holding an exhibition of traditional Japanese dolls at the HCMC Museum of Fine Arts, enabling the Vietnamese audience to know more about the traditional and spiritual culture of the Japanese people.

The exhibition, the first of its kind in HCMC, will feature 32 traditional dolls depicting the gracefulness of Japanese ladies in kimono, popular characters in Japanese Noh and Kabuki plays, babies, children, teenagers as well as royal dolls and clay dolls.

According to the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange, the doll has been an integral part of the daily life of the Japanese people since ancient times. Japanese dolls reflect Japanese cultural practices, the aspirations of the Japanese people and beliefs accumulated over centuries.

Japanese dolls are divided into different types according to their skills and materials as well as their themes and shapes. For Japanese people, the doll is not merely a decoration but also a confidant, representing the feelings of its owner. Therefore, most traditional Japanese dolls have a lot of expressive nuances and gestures, showcasing the skillfulness of the doll makers.

The traditional Japanese doll exhibition will run until January 27 at the HCMC Museum of Fine Arts, 97A Pho Duc Chinh Street, District 1.

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