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Traffic violation fines exceed VND4 trillion in H1

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Fines totaling over VND4 trillion were imposed on more than 2.1 million traffic violation cases in the first half of this year.

Authorities processed 2,136,205 cases across roads, railways, and waterways, resulting in 407,703 license seizures and 715,459 vehicle detentions.

Alcohol-related violations numbered 501,435, representing 19.85% of the total, while drug-related violations amounted to 2,901. Speeding accounted for 501,009 cases, with overloading violations including 30,762 cases and 15,868 waterway overloading cases.

The enforcement surge followed the enactment of Circular 28/2024/TT-BCA, which enhanced monitoring through the VneID application.

VNeID, developed by the National Population Data Center of the Ministry of Public Security, replaces traditional documents and provides utilities for digital citizens, digital government, and digital society.

In the first week of July alone, police inspected 26,961 cases, issued 6,892 violation records, and seized 2,000 driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. Additionally, 499 driver’s licenses were revoked electronically.

The crackdown targeted key violations contributing to traffic accidents, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, passenger transport vehicles, vehicles carrying oversized or dangerous loads, and the use of counterfeit documents.

Efforts to reduce drink driving aimed to lower traffic accidents and promote a culture of “Don’t drink and drive.” Authorities also strengthened measures against illegal racing and violations related to not wearing helmets when riding motorcycles and electric bicycles.

On railways, violations at road-rail intersections and regulations on passenger and cargo transport were strictly enforced. Alcohol use by railway employees was also monitored. Waterway enforcement targeted overloading vessels, safety compliance, and unauthorized modifications and repairs.

The Ministry of Public Security’s actions led to a 37.6% reduction in alcohol-related traffic accidents, a 66.2% decrease in fatalities, and an 11.1% drop in injuries, demonstrating the impact of strict penalties on improving road safety.

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