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Trekking to Ta Xua Peak

By Nhu Truc

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Ta Xua Peak in the northwestern upland province of Son La unveils a picturesque trekking route that beckons tourists with its captivating blend of mountains, forests, and expansive skies. This renowned cloud hunting destination is often likened to “paradise on earth,” offering visitors a chance to behold an endless sea of white clouds.

Ta Xua Peak, situated in Bac Yen District, Son La Province, is approximately 14 kilometers from Bac Yen Town and 240 kilometers from Hanoi’s city center. With an elevation ranging from 1,700 to 1,800 meters above sea level, Ta Xua enjoys a consistently cool and refreshing climate year-round. It is embraced by layers of drifting clouds that gracefully cascade over the mountain ranges. Compared to Ta Xua Peak in Yen Bai Province, Ta Xua Peak in Son La Province is relatively easier to conquer, allowing visitors to ride motorcycles to the summit and immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural scenery below.

The prime cloud-hunting season on Ta Xua Peak spans from January to March, when the region experiences mild temperatures, creating a comfortable atmosphere for tourists to marvel at the endless sea of clouds stretching as far as the eye can see. Sunrise and sunset unveil the most enchanting moments, as visitors witness the pure white clouds gently floating halfway up the mountains. Early mornings offer tranquil atmospheres, allowing observers to witness the first rays of sunlight piercing through the dense clouds below. In the areas kissed by sunlight, the clouds disperse, unveiling the pristine villages of the indigenous people. As the sun sets, its last rays penetrate the clouds, painting the surroundings with mesmerizing hues of pink and orange.

Ta Xua Peak shrouded in layers of drifting clouds throughout the year – PHOTO: HIEN MAI

During the initial months of the year, Ta Xua Peak is adorned with the delicate pink blossoms of peach trees. These blossoms not only line the provincial roads but also adorn the wooden houses of the Mong ethnic people, creating a picturesque scene that enhances the charm of the surroundings.

With the rising number of tourists exploring Ta Xua, tourism services have begun to flourish, offering a variety of homestays and coffee shops. A visit to Ta Xua not only treats the eyes to breathtaking landscapes but also provides an opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in local culture, gaining a deeper understanding of the area’s way of life. Moreover, travelers can explore centuries-old Shan Tuyet tea trees and engage in tea picking alongside locals.

Adventurous souls can trek through the Ta Xua primeval forest, characterized by unique vegetation and captivating moss-covered landscapes. Highlights of the journey include encountering the solitary jujube tree at Gio Peak, discovering dinosaur spine-shaped rock formations, and marveling at rocks resembling turtle heads and dolphin noses.

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