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Triathlon can help

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Ho Chau Tai, a triathlon practitioner, has applied physical practices into his job to be able to raise productivity and complete core projects.

Practicing triathlon with an ardent love, Ho Chau Tai, senior manager at TikiNOW Smart Logistics, is ready to share his secrets to success.

Tai said he had a chance to practice triathlon with some of his colleagues and this gave him a motive to overcome his own difficulties. “When I adopt triathlon practicing methods into my tasks, I can improve productivity considerably,” he said, adding that this has encouraged him to practice more.

Tai said the time he has practiced triathlon is not long, only for over a year. On average, this athletic contest comprises three different events: 1.9-kilometer swimming, 90-kilometer cycling and 21.1-kilometer running. According to Tai, he has chosen practicing triathlon to build up his strength and endurance so as to conquer tougher challenges. Although he might suffer from hunger, thirst and pain almost throughout a competition, Tai always tried his might to complete the tough contest instead of quitting it halfway. By doing so, he could overcome his own limits to become the best version of himself, said Tai.

Since his practicing triathlon and considering it part of his life and work, Tai has realized the similarities between triathlon and his tasks at work. Every time he has completed a drill, he feels as if he had solved a thorny problem of the company. Therefore, he said, it is worth trying despite difficulties.

Triathlon requires the smooth functioning of joints, respiratory system, heartbeat and even mind. The harmonious combination of these elements will help accelerate one’s speed and ease the feeling of fatigue. Tai has therefore set up a set of standards for his physical exercises, trying to make them his daily routine.

The consistency and persistence in practicing triathlon has enabled Tai to improve his speed and health. Since his job also requires such elements, he has adopted them in every process of Tiki’s supply chain so as to offer the best services to customers.

Tai always collects statistical data of his practices, energy consumption, heartbeat, weight and sleeping time in order to optimize his practicing methods and post-trauma recovery, if any. He also does the same while working at the company to find ways to improve productivity and efficiency.

Tai said triathlon helps him understand himself better. The more he practices, the better he knows what is suitable and what is unsuitable to him. Similarly, when taking charge of big projects at work, he has reaped more successes day after day.

Sport lovers count

Those playing sports often join a club or a group to have a motive to maintain their training sessions without quitting halfway. Team training also helps accelerate practitioners’ progress. Therefore, Tai also plays sports with his colleagues at the company aside from practicing triathlon alone.

According to Tai, there are many sport clubs such as football, badminton, table tennis, running, swimming and cycling at his office. These clubs are active at least thrice a week, attracting a large number of employees. To encourage physical exercises to maintain employees’ health, the company organizes sporting competitions periodically, including the Happy 10,000km Running for its all employees countrywide early this year.

Tai said he had plans to attend the Ironman European Championship Frankfurt, which was slated for Germany in June this year. However, the event has been postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Quynh Chau

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