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Tuc Dup – an eternal fortress

By Lan Anh

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Tuc Dup Hill features a harmonious combination of natural beauty and majesty, which makes visitors feel like a paradise on Earth. The former military base has distinctive characteristics of a historical period thanks to its own values and new factors created and developed by the investor to meet the rising demand for high-class tourism.

“Try before you trust”

Vestiges of time make the picture of Tuc Dup Hill desolate. After many years of fruitless operation, the An Giang government has called on investors to develop the site. As such, Sao Mai Group was selected to invest in Tuc Duc Hill.

The investor feels the urge to carry out a mission of telling historical stories and writing glorious stories about tourism development and growth. The investor has spent a staggering VND200 billion restoring and embellishing numerous key components at the “eternal fortress.” The groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held in October 2019, creating an impetus for the tourism industry in the Seven Mountains region. Inner strengths and national identity were chosen as a foundation to raise the bar for the hill.

Next generations bow down to fallen heroes

The project to renovate the Tuc Dup Hill historical monument was licensed by the An Giang Department of Construction in June 2018. The spiritual building has a deep cultural and historical meaning, worshiping and warming the souls of the fallen heroes for their sacrifices to the country.

Literature includes words and messages aimed at directing people to the Truth-Goodness-Beauty value. Literature also acts as a tool to reflect reality in an objective manner.

In contrast, if literary words are used to “fabricate” baseless things or judge hurriedly to destroy worship buildings, it is really an unforgivable sin against the fallen heroes.

Tourists wear clothes of female soldiers

Cultural Heritage Law does not forbid the embellishment of relics

Tuc Dup Hill is a unique “wonder of military art” of Vietnam, highlighting the steadfast and indomitable will of the people there. Each of the renovated categories on the sacred hill has inheritable characteristics, contributing to honoring the immortal symbol of revolutionary heroism.

Clause 4 of Article 13 in the Cultural Heritage Law imposes no ban on maintenance and renovation of relics. “Restoring historical and cultural heritages and scenic spots is an action to rebuild these ruined sites based on scientific evidence of the sites.” The embellishment is carried out to create military art values and resurrect the creations for the battles against the enemies with modern weapons.

From a macroeconomic perspective, sustainable tourism development means avoiding the time-worn condition of the historical values. Developing the project on the hill in line with Clause 4 of Article 12 in the Cultural Heritage Law which states: “The renovation of historical and cultural relics and scenic spots is aimed at repairing, reinforcing and embellishing historical and cultural relics and scenic spots” helps vividly depict such a gilded age of the hill.

The hill effectively serves education

Yen Phuong, who resides in Can Tho City, said: “We can take our kids to the hill to experience and explore its mystical beauty. It seems a pity to miss the cave there. Several years ago, I refused to allow my children to enter the cave due to its slippery surface. Now, I can find peace of mind to let my children explore the cave as the surface was paved with flat stones.” As such, the renovation and embellishment of relics is needed, while the investor must be responsible for the activities and maintain and promote the original beauty and values.

Apart from meeting the demand of tourists at all ages, the investor, while developing exploration tourism, also took the safety of visitors into account. Many areas on the hill have guard rails, handrails and steps on slopes. Inside the cave stand many steel and concrete pedestals, making it safe for tourists in the peak travel season and groups of students on a trip to the cave to listen to the legendary stories about Tuc Dup Hill.

A huge“stone egg tray” – a masterpiece of nature

Tuc Dup Hill both boasts the spiritual cultural beauty and wartime treasures and becomes a well-known tourist destination. The hill, with its current attractive appearance and joyful and bustling atmosphere, attracts tens of thousands of visitors a day.

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