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Two broken undersea cables linked to Vietnam to be fixed

By T. Huy

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HCMC – Two among four broken undersea cables linked to Vietnam are scheduled to be fixed in March and April this year, reported the local media.

A plan to fix Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) and Intra Asia (IA) undersea cable networks has been announced, according to a representative of an internet service provider in Vietnam.

APG would be fixed in April while IA would be repaired in the middle of March 2023.

APG and IA are two among five undersea cable networks responsible for the majority of internet traffic between Vietnam and the world.

APG with a length of 10,400 kilometers lies beneath the Pacific Ocean, connecting China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

However, the disruption of APG from December 2022 to January 2023 has led to a stoppage of all international internet traffic via this cable.

The 6,800-kilometer IA undersea cable, which connects Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan, is considered an important cable to transit connection capacity to the Americas and Europe for clients in Vietnam and the region.

For the other two cables – AAG and AAE-1, internet service providers in Vietnam have not received a notice on when they could be fixed.

Given the simultaneous disruptions of the four undersea cables, Vietnamese internet service providers have deployed solutions to mitigate the impact of these interruptions on the service quality for internet users.

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