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Undersea cable disruptions impact Vietnam’s internet services

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Internet services connecting Vietnam and the rest of the world have been choppy due to glitches detected on three out of five undersea cable lines.

According to internet service providers (ISP) in Vietnam, the affected cables are APG, AAE-1, and IA. As a result, users have been experiencing slower and less stable connections when accessing websites hosted on servers located outside of Vietnam. However, services and websites with servers based in Vietnam remain unaffected.

ISPs have quickly implemented backup plans, which include sharing network traffic among international connections to alleviate the load and opening additional onshore backup links.

The resumption time for the three undersea cables remains unknown at this point.

Vietnam currently relies on five international undersea cables: AAG, APG, IA, AAE-1, and SMW-3.

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