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Unveiling Opulence: The Rise of Crystal Art Among the Ultra-Wealthy

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The elite pursue the utmost sophistication across every domain, from fashion and gastronomy to technology.

Vietnam emerges as a promising market for luxury goods, with expected revenues of US$992.20 million in 2024 (*), attracting numerous premium brands.

In addition to indulging in luxury cars and high-end real estate, the elite spare no expense when it comes to crystal. It is renowned for its elegance and enduring value. Its intricate crafting process demands exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. Molten in furnaces reaching scorching temperatures, crystal is then blown and shaped using hollow iron pipes and the artisan’s breath. Following a cooling period, the crystal undergoes a “cold process” where intricate decorative elements are meticulously etched onto its surface. Precision is paramount, as the cuts must meet exacting standards to produce intricate patterns that capture and reflect light. Every detail is scrutinized during the final quality checks to ensure a flawless masterpiece.

Crystal enhances the luxury experience

In response to evolving market trends, crystal production has surged, catering to various purposes and needs. Among these, intricately designed crystal glasses have emerged as a favorite among discerning aesthetes. Lead-free crystal glasses preserve the esteemed heritage of crystal while prioritizing health and safety.

While the Eastern market came later, its offerings boast distinct designs and exceptional quality. Asian crystal glasses maintain elegance, meticulousness, and sophistication, reflecting the artisans’ characters. Notably, Lucaris Crystal (Thailand) has pioneered this sector, offering various premium products that meet the exacting standards of wine connoisseurs worldwide.

Lucaris products not only meet safety requirements but also celebrate beauty and sophistication. Hand-blown glassware adorned with Eastern motifs enriches owners’ personal enjoyment. This commitment is witnessed by the numerous awards Lucaris has received over the years: the iF Design Award from Germany, G Mark Design Award from Japan, the Golden Pin Design Award from Taiwan…

Lead-free crystal glasses are preferred by restaurants (Image: Lucaris)

“Today, lead-free crystal glasses are gaining popularity in hotels. Despite their higher cost stemming from the intricate crafting process, they offer outstanding advantages such as lighter weight and meticulous detailing. Their distinctive clinking produces a lingering, melodious resonance, pleasing the eyes and ears with crisp clarity. Additionally, the inherent strength of crystal glasses, particularly of the lead-free variety, lies in their ability to enhance the overall aroma of wine, guiding tasters through each nuanced fragrance layer. This aspect significantly enhances the wine appreciation experience for patrons,” said Ms. Tran Thi Dung Tram, Head Sommelier Dining & Grill.

The adoption of premium crystal products not only epitomizes the lifestyle of the elite in Vietnam and Asia but also serves as a testament to artistic values and aesthetic taste. Specifically, within the realm of wine appreciation, the essence of intense wines finds its ideal match in crystal masterpieces, creating a harmonious symphony that elevates the tasting experience and reaffirms the owner’s status.

(*) Source: https://www.statista.com/outlook/cmo/luxury-goods/vietnam#:~:text=Vietnam’s%20Luxury%20Goods%20market%20is,(CAGR%202024%2D2028)

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