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Unveiling the hidden world of Hung Thoong

By Thanh Thu

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Embarking on a journey to explore Hung Thoong, adventurers can immerse themselves in the embrace of nature, encountering a series of thrilling challenges such as trekking through dense forests, scaling rocky mountains, swimming in underground lakes, camping in the heart of the jungle, and relishing the sensation of soaking in the refreshing emerald waters.

Nestled within the pristine sanctuary of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province is the extraordinary Hung Thoong cave system. Surrounded by million-year-old limestone mountains and forests, Hung Thoong can only be reached by traversing the winding paths of the wilderness. This cave system stands apart from those previously explored, and along the journey, adventurers will uncover Hung, Tron, and Thung caves within the same system.

The majestic beauty of the Hung Thoong cave system

At the outset of this expedition, travelers will encounter Hung Cave. Viewed from below, it resembles an immense square adorned with million-year-old stalactites that form a captivating curtain. To reach Tron Cave, one must navigate a forest filled with treacherous, slippery slopes. Within this cave lies a 1.2-kilometer emerald lake, which visitors must swim or paddleboard across to continue their odyssey.

Thung Cave, the final destination, awaits adventurers with its stunning beauty, promising the most unforgettable experiences. To access Thung Cave, visitors must descend about 10 meters from the entrance and swim across a 100-meter-wide lake to venture deeper into the cave. From there, a climb of approximately 20 meters leads to the lake’s surface. This 30-meter-deep chasm is adorned with magnificent stalactites and lush greenery. While the journey presents numerous challenges, the breathtaking vista that unfolds at the culmination of the adventure makes travelers feel as though they had wandered into a fairyland.

Explorers can venture into Hung Thoong year-round, with the discovery tour classified as having a high difficulty level. However, adventurers will receive support from the operational management unit to ensure their safety and create unforgettable memories. Visitors need only come prepared with complete protective gear and follow the provided instructions to confidently explore this magnificent subterranean world.

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