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Unwinding on green tea hills

Text & photos by Thu Huong

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Among many famous tea-growing areas in northern Vietnam, the tea hills in Phu Tho Province may be the most captivating. Thanks to the hard work of farmers over the years, the green tea hills are all the more amazing. The round-shaped tea hills resemble giant green raspberries.

Looking down from above, one can see the picturesque image of workers quietly toiling in every row of tea plants, creating a charming scene. Over time, these tea hills have not only provided economic benefits to the locals but have also become a popular tourist attraction.

Diligent workers tend the tea hills
A green tea hill exudes charm and beauty
Neatly arranged rows of tea plants tended by skilled workers
The peaceful atmosphere of a tea field in the early morning
Workers use machines to carefully harvest tea leaves and buds
The machines traverse rows of tea plants to collect leaves and buds
Workers carry bags of freshly harvested tea to the gathering point
Foreign tourists captivated by the scenic beauty, capturing photos on a tea hill
A small path winding along the curve of a tea hill
A photo shoot amidst the lush greenery of the tea hills
At noon, workers take a well-deserved rest under the shade of trees
Tea leaves are carefully packed into bags, ready to be transported to the factory
A serene fish pond nestled amidst the tea field
A quaint village nestled amidst the beauty of tea hills

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