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VCCI questions effectiveness of mandatory vehicle cameras

The Saigon Times

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HCMC—The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has called on the Ministry of Transport to reconsider its requirement that surveillance cameras be installed on commercial vehicles, citing high costs and questionable effectiveness.

According to the VCCI, the regulation, which took effect on July 1, 2021, requires that all vehicles with nine seats or more and those used for container transport must have surveillance cameras.

The VCCI’s survey of over 100 businesses found that compliance could cost around VND17 million per vehicle. This includes VND5.8 million for camera installation, and VND1.2 million for data transmission among others.

Meanwhile, the Department for Roads of Vietnam has estimated that about 200,000 vehicles are subject to this regulation. The total cost for camera installation alone could reach VND1.16 trillion, with an additional monthly expense of VND240 billion for data transmission.

The Ministry of Transport introduced the regulation to monitor driver behavior and improve road safety. However, the VCCI said that the still images captured by the cameras may not provide an accurate representation of driver actions. The organization also notes a lack of comprehensive data on passenger violations that would warrant such surveillance.

The VCCI said that the regulation is unclear on the type and number of cameras required. It also raised concerns about passenger privacy, stating that the law does not adequately address the issue.

According to the VCCI, the data processing system for the cameras is still in the experimental phase. Local Transport Departments are facing difficulties in data extraction, making effective management difficult.

The VCCI has urged the Ministry of Transport to conduct a comprehensive review of the regulation, considering its impact on businesses, legal systems, and individual privacy.

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