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Vibrant seaside seafood market

Text and photos by Xuan Vinh

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Every early morning, Man Thai Beach in the central coastal city of Danang bustles with activity as ships and bamboo basket boats come and go, transporting seafood to the shore.

Local residents and early-rising tourists can be seen strolling along the beach, savoring the breathtaking sunrise while joining fishermen in pulling in their nets. For them, the excitement peaks when they purchase fresh seafood right on the sandy shores.

Man Thai Beach is often referred to as the “squatting market” because the local fishermen typically squat or set up small chairs to display and sell their catches. From fish to shrimp, and even snails, a wide variety of seafood is available.

The market typically winds down as the sun climbs higher into the sky. At that point, the fishermen gather their bounties of seafood into large baskets and head to the city’s markets to sell their catches.

Fishing boats head out in the afternoon and return early the next morning
Fishermen use bamboo basket boats to transport seafood to the shore
Trays filled with fresh fish are brought ashore
Fish are weighed before being sold to traders
Fishermen diligently pull in their fishing nets during the early morning hours
Both locals and tourists have the opportunity to experience net-pulling alongside fishermen
Seafood is meticulously sorted for sale at the squatting market
The bustling squatting market on Man Thai Beach quickly attracts a crowd
Buyers and sellers alike gather on the beach, often squatting
A wide variety of seafood, in various sizes, is readily available at this unique market
The market is a popular destination for both locals and tourists
A woman stops by the market to purchase seafood while engaging in her morning exercises
The squatting market on Man Thai Beach is considered a special experiential attraction for tourists visiting Danang
A serene corner of the market reflects beautifully on the tranquil sea surface

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