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Viessmann comes to deliver comprehensive sustainable water solutions

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The rapidly growing urban population in Vietnam and the broader Southeast Asia region have ushered in the pressing concerns of air and water pollution. Immediate solutions are imperative to tackle these issues, and industry players own a pivotal role in this endeavor. Viessmann, a Germany-based global leader in air and water solutions, has recently embarked on the Vietnamese market. This strategic move involves the introduction of high-quality and efficient water solutions that align with the country’s urgent demand for clean and safe water.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering reliable water solutions and carrying the message “For an Ease-of-Mind Lifestyle,” Viessmann orchestrated a brand and product launch event on November 1st in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The occasion served as a platform for Viessmann to unveil its two distinct product categories, namely the Vitopure water purifiers and Vitowell water heaters, offering consumers the opportunity to directly experience the superior quality and unique advantages of these products.

Mr. Alexander Ziehe, Managing Director of Viessmann Southeast Asia and Oceania

Mr. Alexander Ziehe, Managing Director of Viessmann Southeast Asia and Oceania, said: “Our strategic approach is firmly rooted in our company’s purpose of creating living spaces for generations to come. Recognizing the critical importance of water as a fundamental natural resource in our daily lives, we are enthusiastic in introducing our water solutions to the people of Vietnam. This initiative also aligns with our commitment to supporting Vietnam’s development and enhancing the overall quality of life. With our strong German heritage spanning 106 years, our brand delivers unwavering quality and reliability, setting high standards for the end-users. As Vietnam’s dynamic economy continues to thrive, we have made substantial investments in the country, from manufacturing and R&D to marketing and service deliveries, as we endeavor to establish Viessmann as a leading brand in the country and region.”

During the launch event, Viessmann introduces two innovative product categories to the Vietnamese market, each characterized by unique features and exceptional efficiency. The Vitopure product line harnesses cutting-edge technologies in water treatment solutions, effectively enhancing the quality of tap water for drinking and domestic needs. On the other hand, the Vitowell comfort, distinguished by its premium design and state-of-the-art heating technology, offers an excellent heating solution for various home settings. Similarly, the Vitowell easy instant water heater, featuring a compact size and premium design, delivers an outstanding performance and is a versatile choice for a variety of household spaces.


Viessmann emphasizes sustainable development, integral to its pursuit of a future-oriented vision and mission

Viessmann’s corporate objectives encompass not only the realization of its enduring aspiration to create and preserve living spaces for future generations, but also a resolute dedication to environmental stewardship. In its foray into the Vietnamese market, Viessmann underscores its alignment with sustainable principles, translating these values into concrete, locally-tailored initiatives and actions.

“Viessmann has meticulously engineered an extensive array of high-quality water solution appliances, designed with a keen focus on quality and design, expressly tailored to meet the discerning expectations of the consumers and clients in Vietnam. Through the relentless optimization of sustainable manufacturing processes, Viessmann remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the life quality of Vietnamese families. Our enduring goal is to foster well-being in every household and cultivate a more favorable living environment for future generations,” said Mr. Dario Damati, Director of Product Marketing.

With the establishment of Viessmann’s first manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia, the company is dedicated to expanding its presence and providing high-quality products that enhance health and well-being in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This commitment combines the cutting-edge technology and modern equipment from Germany with local innovation and the expertise of Viessmann’s international R&D team, ensuring the delivery of advanced solutions that meet the unique needs of the local market.

“Viessmann is firmly driven by the ambition to emerge as the leading premium brand in Vietnam and the broader Southeast Asian region. In pursuit of this objective, we are poised to intensify our marketing and sales efforts, bolster our regional footprints, and expand our product and solution portfolios. This strategic expansion aligns with our purpose of creating living spaces for generations to come, delivering innovative climate-related solutions such as advanced water and air treatment technologies,” Mr. Alexander Ziehe added.

In addition, Viessmann also took the opportunity in conveying knowledge about its partnership with FC Bayern Munich, one of the world’s leading football clubs in Germany. This collaboration designates Viessmann as FC Bayern’s official global climate partner. In this capacity, Viessmann will not only ensures that FC Bayern benefits from eco-friendly and sustainable heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions, but also serves as a catalyst for inspiring football and sports enthusiasts to harness the various ways in which Viessmann’s climate solutions can make substantial contributions to reducing CO2 emissions. As a testament to this commitment, Viessmann and FC Bayern extended their international partnership until 2026, solidifying their dedication to this cause.

For more about Viessmann Vietnam:

Email: info.vietnam@viessmann.com

Hotline: 1900 9149

Website: https://www.viessmann.com.vn/

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