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Vietnam grapples with surge in corruption

By Truc Dao

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HCMC – Vietnam is grappling with an alarming surge in persistent and intricate corruption that has infiltrated critical sectors, including land management, bidding processes, securities, corporate bonds, banking activities, vehicle registration, and healthcare.

Government Inspector General Doan Hong Phong acknowledged these problems within these sectors during the 6th session of the 15th National Assembly, held on November 21. He also highlighted multiple corruption cases in vehicle registration, intellectual property administration, and Covid repatriation flights.

The effectiveness of anti-corruption measures is hampered by legal loopholes and delays in revising existing laws, further exacerbated by instances of corruption within anti-corruption agencies.

To tackle these formidable challenges, Le Thi Nga, chairwoman of the National Assembly’s Judicial Committee, proposed a comprehensive approach on transparency, the rigorous implementation of standards, strategic repositioning, and enhanced asset monitoring.

The Judicial Committee also stressed the need for a thorough root cause analysis to strengthen state management and socio-economic governance.

The Ministry of Public Security reported a double-digit increase in violations related to economic management order and corruption-related offenses.

Courts have been actively adjudicating numerous high-profile economic and corruption cases, leading to the recovery of assets exceeding VND1.8 trillion from 761 defendants involved in 216 cases.

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