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Vietnam opens new border gate to China

By Nguyen Tan

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HCMC – The Quang Ninh government has opened a new border gate in Hoanh Mo in Quang Ninh Province, and on the China side, a new border gate has been set up in Dongzhong.

The ceremony also included the opening of the customs offices at Bac Phong Sinh in Hai Ha District, Vietnam, and Lihuo in China.

The new Vietnamese and Chinese border gates are expected to reduce time and costs in trade by eliminating the need for goods to be transferred by small trucks.

At the Hoanh Mo border gate in Binh Lieu District, the main export items include bamboo and rattan products, cinnamon, pepper, cashew nuts, dried jackfruit, longan, and dried tea. Primary imports are tiles, footwear, and some car parts.

During the ceremony, Quang Ninh proposed that both parties focus on investing in infrastructure and modern equipment at the border gates to facilitate the transportation of goods, thereby promoting cross-border trade cooperation and developing the tourism market.

The border gates process goods for eight hours per day. During holidays, if goods need to be processed, both sides will notify each other to facilitate import-export businesses.

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