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Vietnam prepares to roll out extended producer responsibility

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Vietnam is setting sights on the enhancement of its waste collection and recycling system, as the country prepares for the introduction of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

The Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) on October 26 organized a workshop to discuss the successful deployment of EPR policies in the country. The session provided a platform for stakeholders to come together and develop solutions for efficient waste management and EPR implementation.

The event was attended by domestic and international environmental protection organizations, and representatives of leading Vietnamese firms and foreign direct investment enterprises in various sectors, along with authorities.

Initial presentations outlined Vietnam’s current status in waste collection, sorting, and recycling. Following this, discussions centered on the potential opportunities the recycling sector might witness with the EPR policy’s adoption.

EPR policies, already in practice in several European countries, have shown positive results. Vietnam, the first country in Southeast Asia to consider this initiative, anticipates its development will have both challenges and opportunities.

Industry specialists at the workshop suggested that EPR could revolutionize Vietnam’s recycling sector, redirecting funds towards waste collection and recycling businesses that adopt advanced and environmentally compliant methods.

In a significant move, PRO Vietnam welcomed two new members: Taisho Japan and Botol Vietnam, bringing the total membership to 22 companies. The organization also signed a memorandum with the Green Media Hub of the Vietnam Journalists Association.

This collaboration aims to foster effective media strategies that advocate for circular economy and sustainable growth in Vietnam, aligning with EPR goals.

A detailed report from the workshop will be presented to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in November. With PRO Vietnam’s backing, it aspires to accelerate the feasible introduction of EPR in Vietnam by January 2024.

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