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Vietnam tests Covid-19 vaccine with highest dosage on three people

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HCMC – The Vietnam Military Medical Academy today, January 12, started the trial injection of a Covid-19 vaccine, Nano Covax, with the highest dosage of 75 micrograms on three people.

They are all female, aged from 20 to 22, the local media reported.

If the health of these three volunteers is stable after 72 hours, the academy would continue the trial on 17 others. They are the last people of the 60 volunteers participating in the first phase of the trial of Nano Covax on people.

On December 17 last year, the academy injected 40 volunteers, who were classified randomly into two groups, with the vaccine, with a respective dosage of 25 and 50 micrograms.

They are all in a stable health condition. Some 60% of them showed symptoms of fever and pain but these disappeared after 24 hours.

Dr Hoang Van Luong, deputy director of the Vietnam Military Medical Academy, said the second-phase trial was expected to begin next month with the participation of 560 volunteers. Up to date, 350 volunteers have signed up to participate in the trial with half of them meeting the requirements.

The three phases of the trial are expected to be completed this year.

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