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Vietnamese businesswoman wins CEO of the Year Award in sustainable development in Dubai

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At the Le Fonti Global Awards ceremony, a prestigious global accolade recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs held in Dubai on December 14th, Vietnam’s Labor Heroine Thai Huong was honored as CEO of the Year in Global Sustainable Development.

Honoring Outstanding Entrepreneurs

Le Fonti Awards, established in 2008 in Italy by the Le Fonti community of over 10.5 million members, is a prestigious accolade. The awards are ultimately evaluated by the Le Fonti Scientific Committee along with a group of reputable journalists, legal experts, and economic and financial professionals based in over 120 countries. The Le Fonti Awards recognize conglomerates and entrepreneurs with a profound impact on the global economic community, acknowledging those who have achieved excellence in leadership philosophy, technological innovation, and more.

The annual awards ceremony takes place in influential financial centers worldwide, including Hong Kong, Milan (Italy), New York (USA), London (UK), and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Notably, at this year’s Le Fonti Awards ceremony, Vietnam’s Labor Heroine Thai Huong, Founder and Chairwoman of the TH Group’s Strategic Council, and CEO of Bac A Bank, was the sole Vietnamese entrepreneur honored in the category of Global Sustainable Development with the CEO of the Year Award 2023.

Labor Heroine Thai Huong is the sole Vietnamese entrepreneur to be honored with the CEO of the Year Award in the Global Sustainable Development category

In the past, the Le Fonti Awards have been bestowed upon renowned global entrepreneurs and leaders such as Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Amazon; Elon Musk, Chairman and CEO of Tesla; Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway; Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO of Meta; Bill Gates, Honorary Chairman of Microsoft; Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motors; Naser Taher, Chairman of MultiBank Group…

Pioneering Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Circular Economy

According to Le Fonti Scientific Committee, Madame Thai Huong is an impressive nominee who has captivated all members by successfully spearheading high-tech agricultural projects with a strategy that utilizes Vietnamese intelligence, Vietnamese natural resources, and cutting-edge global technology to promote sustainable agricultural production with the motto: “Treasure Mother Nature, and she will give us everything.”

In her role as the founder of the TH Group, Madame Thai Huong has guided and built the company to become a role model for sustainable development, pioneering significant contributions to the green economy, circular economy, and knowledge-based economy in Vietnam. TH Group’s projects consistently implement a comprehensive sustainable development strategy based on international GRI standards with six pillars: Nutrition – Health, Environment, Education, People, Community, and Animal Welfare.

Labor Heroine Thai Huong has successfully pioneered large-scale agricultural projects with a strategy that leverages Vietnamese intelligence, Vietnamese natural resources, and cutting-edge global technology to boost sustainable agricultural production

TH Group has set the goal of directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions at farms and factories by an average of 15% per year within the scope of direct greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the company aims to reduce the total scope of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions per unit of average product by 15% per year. However, in 2022, the TH farm system achieved an average reduction of over 20% per unit of product, surpassing the set target.

Thai Huong envisions TH Group becoming one of the prominent high-tech agriculture corporations in Vietnam, pioneering the establishment of a green production system and a sustainable economy. Accordingly, TH focuses on three activities: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, transitioning to the use of green and renewable energy sources, and absorbing greenhouse gases.

To transition to the use of green energy sources, TH invested in state-of-the-art technology from the first fresh milk project. Currently, all TH activities adhere to the principles of using environmentally friendly materials, green energy, and renewable energy. Solar power systems have been installed on the roofs of fresh milk factories and dairy farms. In 2022, TH’s farms connected to the grid produced approximately 7 million kWh (meeting nearly 10% of the electricity consumption at the farm unit), equivalent to a reduction and recovery of over 4,500 tons of CO2 per year.

All projects of TH Group systematically implement a sustainable development strategy based on the international GRI standards, with six pillars: Nutrition – Health, Environment, Education, People, Community, and Animal Welfare

Madame Thai Huong is also a leader who has introduced a strategy for developing green planting areas (including protecting and planting new forests) to absorb and offset the CO2 emissions generated during the production process, actively contributing to the NET ZERO initiative in Vietnam. Currently, Thai Huong is advising on investments for sustainable agricultural development projects in the Northwest, West Nghe An, Central Highlands, and other regions. These projects aim to regenerate forests, conserve and exploit native medicinal herbs to help local communities develop economically, eradicate hunger, reduce poverty, and preserve the environment.

Not limited to Vietnam, Madame Thai Huong’s successful sustainable development models are being replicated with major projects in Russia, Australia, and beyond. In her role as the Chairwoman of the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Association, Thai Huong has made significant contributions to promoting the activities of women entrepreneurs and sustainable development in Vietnam.

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