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Vietnam’s urban drainage struggles to keep pace with urbanization

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Vietnam’s drainage systems are struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of urbanization, currently meeting only 20-30% of the increasing demand.

Urban growth in Vietnam is advancing swiftly, with national urbanization rates currently standing at 42.6%.

However, this rapid urban expansion is being shadowed by increasing flooding concerns, said Tran Thu Hang, head of the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture, at a press conference on October 19.

These challenges are not limited to any specific region but span from mountainous areas to coastlines and central districts nationwide.

The prime minister has directed the Ministry of Construction to collaborate with relevant departments to come up with immediate solutions to combat the intensifying flooding situation.

Factors such as building heights and water levels in reservoirs and hydroelectric dams are under review, aiming to safeguard the public and minimize economic repercussions from flooding.

Speaking of a more enduring approach, the ministry stressed the importance of long-haul solutions. Hang pointed to Government Resolution 06 issued in January 2022, which emphasizes devising strategies that aid cities in response to climate change and natural disasters.

She also highlighted the ministry’s efforts to implement new regulatory systems. Proposals include laws focusing on urban and rural planning, urban management, and water supply and drainage.

These legal frameworks, anticipated for presentation to the Government between 2024 and 2025, will prioritize synchronized technical infrastructure investment and urban development management.

The ministry said it would reinforce the evaluation processes for urban planning projects, ensuring the integration of climate change and disaster prevention considerations and focusing on preserving natural landscapes and ecological systems to facilitate sustainable urban development.

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