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Vinh Long’s ancient brick-making village

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Aside from fruit gardens and ecotourism spots, the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long boasts a traditional brick-making village spanning Long Ho District and Mang Thit District

The traditional brick-making village along the banks of the Co Chien River in Vinh Long Province used to be home to 3,000 brick kilns during the 1980s. At that time, the brick kilns emitted white smoke into the sky all day long. Today, however, there are only a few traditional kilns still operating because most of them have been replaced by modern counterparts.

Visitors to the village will have a chance to witness the whole process of making bricks—including choosing clay, kneading the clay, putting it in molds, shaping, drying under the sun and putting raw bricks in kilns.

These handmade bricks are widely used due to their distinguished pink color that stands from others.

It takes brick makers five days to gather sufficient raw materials. Next, clay bricks are baked for 15 days. Keeping the right temperature in the kiln is also very crucial to qualified bricks, which requires expertise.

Brick kilns emitting white smoke into the sky

Strolling along the Co Chien River, tourists will see the egg-shaped brick kilns standing side by side with factories. These kilns are not only manufacturing facilities but also tourist destinations appealing to visitors.

The handmade potteries there are extensive, ranging from vases, pots, jars and bas-reliefs to paintings and statues.

By Minh Hoang & Dung Tran

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