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VitaDairy launches various campaigns to join hands in Covid-19 fight

By Minh Tuan

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Putting community health at its heart of corporate social responsibility, VitaDairy Vietnam Joint Stock Company has carried out numerous campaigns to help protect the health of the people, their families and frontline medical workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vaccine – Immunization Journey

On June 15, VitaDairy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and VTV Digital, launched the “Vaccine – Immunization Journey” program to share information and knowledge about Covid-19 vaccines and their role in the fight against the pandemic.

Through the program, local and international experts and doctors answered queries and shared useful information about the Covid-19 vaccines such as types of Covid-19 vaccine, who can get the COVID-19 vaccines, how well the Covid-19 vaccines work, and their side effects, efficacy and safety.

For each share of the program’s clips on social media, VitaDairy contributed VND10,000 to purchase medical equipment for the Ministry of Health to facilitate the country’s vaccination campaign.

Established by enthusiastic doctors and nutritionists, VitaDairy understands that to fight off the pandemic, each person has to protect him/herself first, and then their immediate families, the community and society. Once the pandemic is brought under control, the burden on frontline medical workers will be eased.

“Thanks to the vaccines, the community will reach herd immunity, which is the best way to protect ourselves, doctors and nurses, like the spirit of campaigns that VitaDairy has implemented,” said Nguyen Thi Ha, general director of VitaDairy Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

“As everyone can be infected with Covid-19, understanding about the vaccines and selecting the solutions to protect ourselves is the best way to protect our relatives and indirectly support the doctors and nurses,” she added.

Thanks to their useful contents, clips of the “Vaccine – Immunization Journey” program have been widely shared on social media, including by many celebrities, influencers and prestigious news sites.

On Facebook alone, the program got more than 6,600 comments and some 2,130 shares, according to data of Buzzmetrics.

Through the program, on June 23, VitaDairy donated VND3 billion (US$133,000) to the Ministry of Health to purchase medical equipment for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign of the country.

“In response to the Government’s call in the context of the shortage of medical equipment for the vaccine rollout, VitaDairy donated VND3 billion to the Ministry of Health, which is used to buy medical equipment for Covid-19 vaccination, helping the people get vaccinated soon. We hope that the pandemic will be fought off soon,” said Nguyen Thi Ha.

The company also provided medical supplies for Covid-19 hotspots such as Bac Giang, HCMC, Thai Binh and Thua Thien-Hue. The donations amounted to VND3.41 billion in total value.

Donation of colostrum sachets

VitaDairy has given over one million ColosIgG 24h colostrum sachets worth some VND5 billion in total to the company’s customers and employees to help them improve their immune system amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

ColosIgG 24h is colostrum collected from mother cows in the first 24 hours after giving birth from A-graded farms in the United States. This is the premium milk that contains the antibodies to support immunity effectively.

The level of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) in colostrum in the first 24 hours can be 100 times higher than the level in regular cow’s milk. IgG is the most common antibody that helps protect against bacterial and viral infections.

Together with vaccines and complying with Covid-19 infection prevention and control measures, improving the immune system plays a vital role in protecting the health and fighting the pandemic.

Nguyen Thi Ha, general director of VitaDairy Vietnam Joint Stock Company, hands over ColosIgG 24h colostrum products to medical workers and local residents in a Covid-19 hotspot

“It was not easy for us to deliver 1 million sachets of ColosIgG 24h colostrum due to the shortage of materials in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the health of the community and our employees is our top priority. Therefore, we decided to provide them with the products and hope that these 1 million sachets of colostrum will contribute to enhancing the immunity of the community,” said Nguyen Thi Ha, general director of VitaDairy Vietnam.

“Pioneer for the community” award 

Early this year, VitaDairy won the “Pioneer for the community” award at the WeChoice Awards 2020 with its “Protect Doctors 24h” campaign, which called on the community to support and protect frontline medical workers in the Covid-19 fight. VitaDairy also won the “Pioneer for the community” award at the Stars of the Year 2020 Gala.

In just a short time, the campaign got over 1.5 million comments and nearly 867,500 shares on the social media and was highly appreciated by the community.

Through the “Protect Doctors 24h” campaign, VitaDairy donated more than VND9.5 billion in cash, supplementary products and medical equipment to doctors and nurses joining the Covid-19 fight.

“Many thanks to the community for supporting and joining VitaDairy in spreading the message “protect doctors and nurses to protect ourselves”. I think that small acts can create big changes,” said Nguyen Thi Ha.

“Winning the “Pioneer for the community” award is a motivation for VitaDairy to implement more meaningful programs for the community in the coming time,” she added.

VitaDairy Vietnam Joint Stock Company was founded in 2005 by leading doctors and nutritionists in Vietnam, with the mission to bring comprehensive nutrition to everyone and every family. VitaDairy was selected by the Ministry of Health as the only partner for the “Actions for Immunity Nutrition 2019” campaign.

For further information about VitaDairy Vietnam Joint Stock Company and its community-based programs, visit https://vitadairy.vn/

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