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Volunteers go shopping for local residents during lockdown in HCMC

By Minh Tuan

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HCMC – After HCMC began a citywide lockdown in late August, which bans local residents from going out, even for buying necessaries, the authorities have mobilized volunteers, soldiers and grassroots officials to go shopping for the residents.

The residents can place an order via hotlines of the authorities supervising the areas where they live and the goods will be delivered to their home within a few days. This helps the local residents avoid close contact with others in high-risk places such as supermarkets and convenience stores during this stringent social distancing period.

Assisted shopping is one of HCMC’s measures to ensure safety for the residents and help bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control.

A volunteer selects vegetables
Vegetables are weighed at the supermarket
A volunteer puts fruits into his cart after they are weighed by an employee of the supermarket
A soldier helps place goods onto the cashier counter
Another soldier stands at the other side of the counter and writes a number onto each bag of goods
Volunteers and soldiers load goods onto a van before they are transported to the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Ward 9, District 5
Volunteers and soldiers unload goods from the van
Goods are stockpiled at the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Ward 9
Goods are delivered to a local family
A woman sprays disinfectants over the goods after receiving them
A local officer checks the bills carefully before delivering the goods
Volunteers load goods onto a van to deliver them to local households
Goods are placed in front of a condo building in District 5 before the residents come to get them
A resident pays the bill before receiving his goods
Local residents check their goods before paying
A woman walks home after she takes delivery of her goods

By Minh Tuan

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