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Walking around Tra Su cajuput forest in flooding season

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The beauty of Tra Su, the most beautiful and famous cajuput forest in Vietnam, remains unchanged over the time. Its beauty seems more outstanding during the flooding season in the Mekong Delta.

From September, water flows from the upstream area and peaks in October or November. During the period, the waterflow brings along seafood and alluvial soil to the southern region.

In the flooding season, Tra Su cajuput forest becomes more impressive. It looks like being covered with a soft, sparkling and pure piece of silk. At the time, the cajuput forest is likened to a princess who has just woken up and put on her makeup to meet her old flame.

It is no exaggeration to say that Tra Su cajuput forest looks like a beautiful princess during the days the Lord of the Waters returns. The jealousy in the past has faded with time and become altruism. Severe floods, which are compared with the animosity of the Lord of the Waters, have disappeared and been replaced with a peaceful and beautiful flooding season. The cajuput forest’s magnificence has once again melts the hearts of those loving traveling.

Setting foot in the forest, visitors will immediately see a radiant bridge featuring the royal style. Crossing a canal abundant with sea life, the bridge will help visitors feel excited.

Located next to the bridge, a colorful flower park will make visitors feel like they are lost in nature.

The reception hall is designed with a series of white dove cages fearuring the European architecture. Thousands of multicolored doves open their wings to welcome guests. This is an ideal background for wedding photos of couples who love the romance of Europe.

A radiant bridge takes tourists to Tra Su cajuput forest.

Enjoying the beauty of Tra Su cajuput forest in your way

Sitting on boats, tourists can see clusters of flowers under the shadow of cajuput trees, while emerald-green duckweeds blankets the water surface.

A helmsman said besides duckweeds, lotus in the cajuput forest is also special as this kind of flower blooms throughout the year, even when floodwater flows into the region. Therefore, many visitors have asked helmsmen to stop boats at spots with many blooming lotus flowers to take photos. Especially, they want to enjoy the pristine beauty of the genuine lotus garden among the enormously green forest.

Walking on Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge in forest is more wonderful. Various sounds in the forest, such as songs of multiple kinds of rare birds and the sound of winds, as well as the scents of flowers will help visitors forget problems in their lives.

Tourists can also take a rest at two stilt houses with special designs and stop at the wharf to see birds flying in the sky. In addition, it will be more wonderful to climb the 33-meter-high tower to watch the whole forest.

Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge in forest has become a legend in Tra Su.

The legendary story that the Mountain God and the Lord of the Waters love a princess has been narrated through the landscapes in the heroic That Son (seven mountains) area. The Lord of the Waters, who aggressively raises the sea level to take the princess back in the story, has become more tolerant to spread a message about people’s love for the nature.

Unlike the negative character in the story, the Lord of the Waters has been recreated in a simpler and friendlier manner.

During the annual flooding season, floods bring many benefits to Tra Su cajuput forest. Let’s visit the heaven on earth to explore interesting things in the season.

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