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WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An: An Attractive Destination for Foreign Investors

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Three years after its official launch, WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An has become a strong magnet for local and international investors. Thanks to its world-class facilities and its practical one-stop service, its first customers can launch and operate their industrial projects within a minimum span of time and with maximum efficiency.

Thailand-based WHA Group in 2017 chose Nghe An Province in North Central Vietnam to launch WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An, bringing to the country its unique 30-year experience in developing world-class industrial estates. Strategically located at Dong Nam Nghe An Economic Zone, WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An has completed 143.5 out of the 498 hectares of the project’s first phase, enabling it to welcome first customers from Japan, Thailand and China.

The suitable geographical location, alongside Nghe An Province’s expanding transportation infrastructure, its large population of 3.2 million people and a well-trained workforce, were among the key reasons why WHA Group chose Nghe An for its first footprint in Vietnam.

Nghe An Province offers a series of logistical advantages, such as the Vinh City International Airport; an 82-km coastline with convenient access to 3 deep seaports (Vissai, Cua Lo and DKC); a railway network that connects the north to the south; and 8 national highways running through the province.

In terms of education and training facilities, it offers 7 universities, 6 colleges, 4 professional schools and 67 vocational schools.  WHA has signed bilateral agreements with educational institutions in Vinh City to facilitate the preparation and development of potential employees.

Mr. David Nardone, Group Executive – Industrial and International, WHA Industrial Development PLC

“Vietnam, especially in this post-pandemic era, is attracting increasing foreign investments,” said Mr. David Nardone, Group Executive – Industrial and International, WHA Industrial Development PLC. “With the solid support of the Vietnamese Government and provincial authorities, Nghe An has become an integrated hub for business, education, manufacturing and logistics, contributing further to the development of the country,” he explained.

Leveraging on WHA’s 30 Years of Experience in Thailand

WHA IZ1 investors can benefit from WHA Group’s 30 year-experience in the development of world-class industrial estates in Thailand, where it currently operates 11 industrial estates, with a combined surface area of over 7,800 hectares, over 800 global customers and with an estimated global investment of US$33.2 billion.

WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An comes with world-class infrastructure, including roads, water utilities, power supply, modern communication systems, air quality and security monitoring. Land plots in various sizes, ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 square metres, can meet the requirements of investors.

For easy and practical access, the road system consists of one 4-lane main road and a 2-lane secondary road, both with concrete pavement of up to 25cm in thickness. In line with WHA Group’s environment-friendly policies and a primary selection aspect for investors, the water system features an expandable storage tank of 5,000 cu.m. and a water treatment plant, also with an expandable capacity of 10,000 cmd. Using biological technology, including an underground filtration system, the wastewater treatment facility has started to collect wastewater from customers’ factories. It is equipped with aerated lagoons and constructed wetlands with an adaptable capacity of 3,200 to 9,600 cu.m. per day.

Moreover, flood protection utilizes a dike surrounding the industrial zone at 4.30 meters above the sea level, plus a large 60,000 cu.m. retention pond with an automatic switch pump station.

Full access to electricity is secured through direct access to the national power grid, with 22kV and 110kV capacities. LED streetlights reduce energy consumption by more 50%. For telecommunications, the fibre optic infrastructure permits high-speed internet everywhere in the industrial zone. A dedicated air quality monitoring system (AQMS) is working 24/7 to monitor the highest health and environment standards.

Mr David Nardone, Group Executive Industrial and International, WHA Industrial Development Plc., commented: “As the region’s fastest growing economy and thanks to its excellent handling of the COVID 19 pandemic, Vietnam is increasingly considered by potential investors as a safe and attractive destination, enhanced by the investment-friendly policies of Nghe An Province. We are confident that Vietnam in general and our industrial zone in particular will attract more and more foreign investors.”

The Dong Nam Economic Zone Authority (DNEA) has set up a One Stop Service for investors who can benefit from special incentives in terms of import tax and corporate income tax.

In addition to WHA Industrial Zone 1 – Nghe An’s 498-hectare Phase 1, another 6 phases, covering a total area of 3,200 hectares upon completion, are scheduled for future development.


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