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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Swift Action on ESG needed: An overarching message from the ESG Forum 2024 held in HCMC last week was clear: ESG is no longer an option for businesses. It is time to embrace ESG as a strategic imperative for long-term success.

Inside Vietnam

An Uneven Foreign Investment Flow: Foreign investment into Vietnam recovered in the first five months of this year although it has not yet reached the peak of the 2020-2021 period. However, growth among different investment streams has been uneven.

Bad Debt Seen From Loan Portfolios: Bad debt is currently the biggest concern in the banking system. The financial reports by many banks in the first quarter of this year show a significant increase in bad debt against the previous quarter.

Vietnam’s Pathway Forward Amidst Global Uncertainty: Smaller Southeast Asian nations are most at risk from increasing geopolitical tensions, the slow retreat from globalization that is increasing trade barriers, and a fractured and volatile global society taking a growing interest and influence on politics and business.


M&A Turns Active: In addition to buying into local businesses, financially strong domestic companies are increasingly acquiring stakes from foreign investors involved in joint ventures. What is behind this trend?

Early Response To New Tax Policies: The National Assembly has decided to amend three significant tax laws: Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, and Special Consumption Tax, with changes set to take place this year and the first half of next year. With the general direction of expanding the tax base and adding more taxpayers, it is possible that the tax burden on businesses will increase, necessitating early response scenarios.


A Human Heartbeat: Binh Tay Market is a bustling hub located in the heart of District 5 in HCMC. Its origins trace back to 1928 when Quach Dam, a native of China’s Chaozhou, built it. This market has stood strong ever since and continues to thrive.

Knee Pain From Running: Running and walking have been chosen by many people as a way to stay fit. But excessive practices may cause some health problems, the first sign of which is knee pain.


Discovering Nam Luc Waterfall In Lai Chau: Nestled deep within a primeval forest with rich and diverse vegetation, Nam Luc Waterfall is a captivating destination for visitors eager to explore its untouched beauty. The cascading tiers of the waterfall resemble a silken ribbon amidst the vast mountains and forests of Lai Chau.

Savoring Unique Noodle Soup In Mang Den: Savor the unique delight of snakehead fish thick noodle soup served in a clay pot, perfect for the cool weather of Mang Den Town.

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