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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Vietnam, France To Develop Ties In All Sectors: Vietnam and France have long-standing ties and deep connections in areas such as history, culture, education, politics and economy.

Inside Vietnam

Is ChatGPT Another Bubble?: In many ways, ChatGPT has been blown out of proportion, which can bring multiple risks. But the strong and rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) – with ChatGPT making a lot of noise – is an inevitable trend.

Behind The Banking Financial Picture: Despite challenges in the fourth quarter, 2022 was a successful year for the banking sector. However, the gap between big and small banks is seen widening this year.

Focusing On Quality Or Market Demand?: There is an essential need to improve the quality of Vietnamese rice products. However, the rice industry should strive to satisfy market demand instead of just focusing on what it wants to do.


Market Turmoils Weigh On Businesses: As the global economy keeps tumbling in times of upheaval, uncertainty and change, local exporters may find it difficult to plan for what comes next.

Corporate Profits Under Downward Pressure: Despite the hardships in the fourth quarter of 2022, most businesses achieved stable growth in their 2022 profits, buoyed by positive results in the preceding three quarters. With this outcome, cash flows have promptly found their way back to the stock market, with many stocks marking up in price early this year.

Trap Of Cheap Tourism: Restaurant owners fear the tourist city of Hoi An might stumble into the trap of low-cost tourism, reducing the value of the old town.


Love Knows No Borders: People talk about love all year round, but Valentine’s Day makes its presence more vivid than ever in February.

Wishing For Prosperity And Blessings: The Ky Yen Festival (Fortune Wishing Ceremony) is the biggest annual event held at the Phu Nhuan communal house from the 16th to the 18th of the first lunar month.


Experience Wild Nature At Ben En National Park: Ben En is one of the ten national parks boasting the most magnificent natural landscape in Vietnam. The park also preserves a large number of rare and precious flora and fauna species, which are on the verge of extinction.

Rice Cake Handed Down Across Generations: The making of banh tet (a cylindrical glutinous rice cake) is a traditional craft handed down across generations. With its unique characteristics, color and flavor, banh tet in Dai An Khe Village has become a specialty of Quang Tri Province.

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