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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week

The Saigon Times

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Focus: A Sandbox For HCMC: It is likely a Resolution on piloting a new special mechanism for HCMC’s development will be endorsed by the National Assembly during its sitting in May 2023. A new resolution to replace Resolution 54/2017/QH14 is in dire need now, but a more important question is whether the new resolution will be a real sandbox for the city.

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No Shortcuts For CBT: Developing community-based tourism (CBT) is a long journey, requiring sustainable cooperation among many sides to either create livelihoods for the local community or generate profits for businesses and make the destinations attractive without harming the local culture and environment.

Middle-Income Trap Looms Large: Despite efforts to address internal difficulties and risks from the global economic slowdown, Vietnam’s economy still faces the threat of falling into the middle-income trap.

Still On A Mountain Of Debt: The Government’s Decree 08 and Resolution 33 have given a much-needed lifeline to cash-strapped real estate firms as the bonds they issued would fall due soon. However, analysts see the decree and resolution as a temporary solution, as bond issuers are still sitting on a mountain of debt.


Market Recovery Triggers Capital Increases: As access to bank loans is difficult, especially for borrowers in the real estate, construction and securities sectors, and corporate bond issues are strictly put under control, businesses have no other choice but to increase their charter capital by launching new shares.

Changes Needed In Nursing Sector: Vietnam is approaching the population aging period from 2036, with over 23 million people in the age range of 30-40 set to become elderly. As a result, the healthcare and treatment system for elderly patients will face several challenges.


STEM Seen As Catalyst For Economy: A delegation from the HCMC Computer Association visited the U.S. from March 18 to March 27, 2023, as part of the program, “Creativity in Startups and Collaboration in Education’s Development”. During the trip, Ph.D. Nguyen Thanh Hai, a renowned expert and leader in the STEM THRIVE education project at the University of Missouri, shared his insights based on his 10-year work experience in the U.S.

Hue In Red Color Of Flowers: Every year, if you have a chance to travel to the imperial city of Hue at this time, you will see the red color of Bombax ceiba flowers in blooming season.


The Peaceful Scenery Of Huu Lien Commune: Huu Lien Commune has recently attracted tourists for its peaceful and poetic scenery. This area has diverse terrains with high mountain ranges, poetic rivers gently flowing around the valley, and flat grasslands along the Dong Lam Steppe.

Nham Noodles: Ha Tien’s Frugal Yet Tasty Dish: Although Ha Tien nham noodles is a simple dry noodle dish, the harmonious blend of sour, spicy, salty and sweet allows diners to bask in the wonderful flavors of the quintessence of the southwestern region’s culinary art.

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