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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: More Loosening On The Horizon? While interest rate cuts have yet to have a strong positive impact, tough access to capital and stagnant cash flow have yet to be addressed. Therefore, many are of the opinion that money supply needs to be loosened.

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Bright Spots Amid the Gloom: Despite weak global consumer demand, many foreign buyers are still looking to Vietnam for sourcing goods and business cooperation. This is crucial for manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam to seize this opportunity to retain existing buyers and attract new customers.

Green Lending Needs Mechanism: The greatest challenge for helping enterprises in Vietnam achieve sustainable development and the net zero target by 2050 is to adopt a suitable policy to attract more green loans.

The Continued Downturn: Industrial production decline, import-export slump, and negative indicators from the purchasing managers index (PMI) are pointing to a prolonged economic slowdown in the second half of 2023.


Credit Growth Sparks Concerns: The State Audit Office of Vietnam has issued a warning that credit growth in high-risk areas exceeded overall growth in 2022, and the credit-to- GDP ratio now poses potential risks. What do these facts signify and why is it concerning?

Which Stocks To Buy In June: The recent improvements in trading volume may aid the VN- Index, the benchmark stock index, in breaking the resistance zone of 1,080-1,100 points and continuing its rise in June. This indicates the resurgence of institutional investors, hedge funds, and private equity firms in the stock market.


Summer Delights In Saigon: With the scorching sun marking the arrival of summer in HCMC, the hot and humid weather has engulfed the city. The streets and sidewalks radiate heat, making it a challenging day to get through. However, I’ve discovered a fantastic way to escape the heat and satisfy my hunger – indulging in refreshing beverages while exploring Saigon’s diverse range of restaurants and cafes.

Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday in Hue: As part of the program for the week of Buddha’s Birthday in 2023, an event was held in Thua Thien Hue Province last week. The Buddha procession took place in a solemn atmosphere, attracting thousands of monks, nuns, Buddhist followers, as well as tourists, both local and foreign.


The untouched beauty of Ta Puong Waterfall: The western region of Quang Tri Province is renowned for its array of potential tourist destinations that still preserve their hidden natural allure. Among them, Ta Puong Waterfall stands out with its towering waterfall system and expansive lakes, offering an unforgettable experience for travelers.

The enchanting delight of Tay Ethnic people: Cooc mo cake stands as a revered culinary treasure among the Tay ethnic community residing in the majestic mountainous provinces of northern Vietnam. This traditional delicacy brims with cultural significance and takes center stage in numerous local festivities.

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