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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: Smoothing FDI Flow To Mekong Delta: Streamlining the foreign direct investment (FDI) approval process is a crucial step in driving the development of the Mekong Delta, a vital economic region in southern Vietnam with untapped potential. However, what is impeding FDI inflows into the region?

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A Tough Bet: Receiving a franchise is a way to quickly start one’s own business and achieve early stability. However, success in a franchise is not guaranteed simply by investing in the brand. The brand owner cannot assume that franchising will automatically lead to business success.

Global Incubator Comes To Town: Plug and Play Tech Center, shortly known as Plug and Play, is a U.S.-based global innovation platform and a business incubator widely known in Silicon Valley, will be participating in a series of meetings on business startups and innovation due to take place in HCMC in early July.

A Glimpse Of Unicorn Startups: Startups are deemed unicorns – mainly if not all are technology driven – are those valued at least US$1 billion, and a statistical report says unicorn startups account for less than 0.08% of all startups. That is to say unicorns are few and far between.


Big Money Moving In Market: With the money placed in bank accounts at a high interest rate late last year and early this year reaching maturity, plus the central bank’s policy interest rate cuts, a massive volume of cash from the savings channel has probably begun to shift away.

Growth Target Beyond Reach? As external factors – like weaker consumption in the U.S. and EU markets and stagnant recovery in China – are unfavorable, Vietnam will have to make the most of the domestic market in the second half of the year to achieve the growth target of 6.5%.


Exploring Culinary Culture Through Intriguing Stories: Since Michelin Guide honored 103 eateries and restaurants in Hanoi and HCMC on June 6, debate has arisen among local residents over the selection and evaluation criteria used by Michelin.

Brackish Lagoon Through The Lens: Xuan Thuy National Park nestled in Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh Province, is a vast expanse of brackish lagoon and alluvial area. Located at the mouth of the Ba Lat River, where it merges with the Red River before emptying into the East Sea, this national park boasts a rich flora and fauna ecosystem.


The Breathtaking Landscape of Thach: Thach Ky Dieu Tau, with its distinct rock formations blending with the blue sea at Sa Ky sea gate, creates a stunning beauty that leaves many tourists in awe at first sight.

Reminiscing Rustic Flavor Of Nam Cake: Nam cake is a mouthwatering street food delicacy in Hue that captivates both domestic and international tourists with its irresistible first bite.

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