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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: Connecting Online Services Remains A Challenge: Bringing together online public service providers and users requires the seamless integration of four essential factors: public interest, government action, technology, and legislation. Each of these elements plays a crucial role, and any disruption in one can lead to disappointment and hinder progress. Unfortunately, all four factors are currently facing challenges.

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Mounting Struggles For Real Estate: Though bond term extensions and successes in reissuing new bonds have brought some respite for real estate firms, the limited time available for debt restructuring, coupled with the escalating coupon rates associated with these extensions and issuances, is creating a wave of uncertainty.

What Is The Rationale? The rationale behind a proposed policy to provide payment guarantee for bonds issued by banks must be taken into prudent consideration, since such a policy may backfire.

New Playground For Banks: Developing a brand exclusively for wealthy customers and offering asset management services for individuals and families have emerged as a strategy of banks in recent years.


Profit Growth Gives Stock Prices A Boost: In an economic landscape largely shrouded in uncertainty, the dramatic profit growth of several companies has emerged as a bright spot, moving stock prices up.

No Easy Task: The One Commune One Product (OCOP) program, aimed at boosting rural economic development by showcasing agricultural, non-agricultural, and service products from different regions, has yet to get a positive response from the market. Despite its implementation throughout the country, achieving success for these products remains no easy task.


Unwinding On Green Tea Hills: Among many famous tea-growing areas in northern Vietnam, the tea hills in Phu Tho Province may be the most captivating. Thanks to the hard work of farmers over the years, the green tea hills are all the more amazing. The round-shaped tea hills resemble giant green raspberries.

Blackpink And Food For Thought: The renowned South Korean girl group Blackpink wrapped up two nights of concert at My Dinh National Stadium last weekend, with each night boasting over 26,000 young spectators. This international music event is being hailed as one of the largest ever held in Vietnam, and the data it has generated may provide food for thought.


Chau Doc River Floating Village: Besides the spiritual attractions of Chau Doc City in An Giang Province, tourists can marvel at the floating houses and fishing rafts dotting the Chau Doc River. These water-based dwellings, interconnected by the Con Tien Bridge, form a unique floating village along the riverbanks.

Hanoi’s Specialty For Food Lovers: The Muscovy duck deep-fried with garlic, a dish celebrated for its delicious taste and tantalizing aroma, has carved its own niche in Hanoi’s culinary map. Its straightforward preparation and simple ingredients only add to its appeal.

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