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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: Committed To Sustainability: Amidst the global pursuit of a sustainable and eco-friendly future, Vietnam, like other countries worldwide, is striving towards a shared objective: attaining net zero emissions.

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Making Full Use of Special Mechanism: Singapore serves as a close example for HCMC. Within 30 years, the island nation with no natural resources has become a regional financial hub with the headquarters of many international companies and the transport and telecoms infrastructure able to meet the development demand. The special mechanism, together with the preservation of Vietnamese cultural identity and the “oriental features” over the course of development, would help turn HCMC into an attractive, unique metropolis.

Affordable Housing Still Unaffordable: Though social housing is seen as a way to deal with the perennial shortage of affordable homes, there are various problems that need to be overcome in order to successfully put housing plans into action.

Concerns Over Bad Debt: Although the debt restructuring policy of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has been implemented since April, many banks continued to see bad debt increasing in the second quarter, putting the banking industry and the economy at risk. A big concern is when bad debt will peak out.


Market Picks Up Despite Humble Profits: Despite the lower-than-expected profits of some enterprises in the second quarter, the market is picking up with quite a few companies reporting impressive growth. However, the overall picture of business results in the quarter is not as rosy as expected.

Focusing On Growing Sustainably: Despite the economic slowdown in Vietnam and the world, companies at the recent HCMC FOODEX 2023 exhibition displayed resilience and optimism, exploring innovative ways to expand and seeking synergistic partnerships.


The Best Of Both Worlds: Finding success in both business and love while venturing into a new country may seem like a challenging feat, but for Chad Young, it turned out to be an unexpected reality. Leaving his native Maryland behind, he embarked on a journey to set up Malt South, a thriving barbecue restaurant in District 7, HCMC, unaware of the delightful surprises fate had in store for him.

Exploring Bach Ma National Park: For those who crave an encounter with breathtaking nature, look no further than Bach Ma National Park in the central province of Thua Thien Hue. This enchanting destination is adorned with a primeval forest and a mesmerizing waterfall, making it an ideal getaway.


Journey through Tranquil Beauty Of Khanh Le Pass: Khanh Le Pass, linking Dalat and Nha Trang cities, stands as one of Vietnam’s longest and most scenic routes. Travelers traversing this pass are treated to an ever-changing panorama that transitions from the mountain summit to its base.

Savory Mac Mat Roast Pork Recipe: When venturing into Lang Son Province, travelers should seize the opportunity to relish the delectable roast pork, crafted with a unique recipe that encapsulates the flavors of the northeastern region.

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