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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: A New Chips Powerhouse: The elevation of the Vietnam-U.S. relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership is expected to open up new cooperation opportunities, especially in science-technology and innovation, with the semiconductor industry playing a key role. Why is Vietnam viewed as holding high potential for this industry, and what should we do to realize such potential?

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Preparing For Upcoming Challenges: HCMC’s socio-economic performance in the first nine months of the year indicates the city’s commendable efforts in addressing numerous challenges.

Opportunities Arise For Supporting Industries: Opportunities are on the horizon for enterprises in Vietnam’s supporting industries as the country increasingly attracts buyers seeking an alternative market and supply chain expansion partners.

Advocating Responsible Tourism For Sustainability: Wildlife tourism, as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, constitutes 7% of global tourism, with a minimum estimated value of US$37 billion. In Africa, an astounding 80% of annual tourism revenue is derived from wildlife observation. However, the swift growth of tourism also poses the risk of environmental degradation.


Coping With The Liquidity Issue: The Treasury bill issue by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to withdraw money from the banking system has left the market puzzled. This move appears to have multiple objectives for addressing the current challenges.

Supporting High-Tech Investments: The National Assembly’s Standing Committee expressed its views on the legislature’s draft resolution for a pilot policy supporting high-tech investments over five years during a meeting on September 28, 2023.


The Floral Odyssey Of Purple Man: In a conversation with a gardening pioneer in Sa Dec, a town steeped in inspiration for Marguerite Duras’ literary work, “The Lover,” we met Tran Van Tiep. He has transformed his dreams into petals of purple, showcasing the enduring power of commitment, creativity, and the timeless beauty of the land of love.

Exploring Hue In A Three-Day Tour: When Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, comes to mind, one often envisions historic mausoleums, royal monuments, and intricate architectural wonders. However, there is another side to Hue waiting to be discovered – one adorned with stunning lagoons, serene ancient villages, unique cuisine, and captivating landscapes.


Conquering The Majestic Ngu Chi Son Mountain: Ngu Chi Son Mountain, revered as a masterpiece of nature, stands tall as the most majestic peak in the northwest. Recently, it has emerged as an enticing trekking destination, offering a plethora of challenges for adventurous backpackers eager to immerse themselves in the natural world.

Duc Cake: A Delectable Slice Of Childhood Nostalgia: Duc cake, a cherished delight, encapsulates the fond childhood memories of countless individuals across Vietnam’s diverse regions. This rustic cake, born in the countryside, boasts simplicity in both its ingredients and preparation, making it an affordable treat that resonates with all.

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