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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Unlocking The Untapped Potential: With proper planning and organization, the Saigon River has the potential to transform into a river of immense historical, cultural, heritage, and economic value, spurring the development of HCMC and crafting a distinctive identity for the city.

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Inert Responses From Above: Capital disbursements in the three national target programs – new rural development, sustainable poverty reduction, and socio-economic development in areas inhabited by ethnic minority groups and mountainous areas – are moving at a snail’s pace.

An Imminent Rebound: Vietnam is moving into the last quarter of this year with optimism, fueled by a gradual improvement in exports and high expectations for a much-needed recovery.

Small Markets, Big Opportunities: Amidst challenging economic conditions, a Vietnamese insulation materials company has experienced significant growth by focusing on core production and implementing a new management approach.


FDI Thrives Despite Forex Concerns: In October, foreign investment in Vietnam continued to increase, defying concerns about a volatile exchange rate. The reasons behind this trend, including the countries and factors driving it, remain uncertain.

Susceptible To Manipulation: Selling off large-cap stocks is a frequently used strategy by experienced investors to sow panic among retail investors and initiate a chain reaction of sell-offs in other stocks. This, in turn, leads to a sharp decline in broader market indices.


Charity More Than Just Giving: Back in her homeland, Vietnam, Rosi Happi feels a deep sense of dedication and commitment unlike anywhere else. She has brought her expertise and knowledge to establish three non-profit organizations: Social ChangeMakers, Chance Charity Shop, and Chance Academy. These organizations are dedicated to assisting those in need, particularly the local community in her own country.

Rains In The Ancient Town: Visitors to Hoi An City’s ancient quarter in the central province of Quang Nam during the early days of November are in for a delightful surprise. While the sun still graces the sky, sudden rain showers create a captivating and rare spectacle. Even more enchanting, seven- color rainbows often adorn the sky during these showers.


Vai Gioi Cave: A Natural Marvel In Ninh Binh: Vai Gioi Cave in the expansive Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone is a captivating destination for tourists owing to its enchanting natural beauty.

Quang Nam’s Delightful Specialty Evokes Nostalgic Childhood Memories: Ram fish (Puntius brevis) holds a special place in the lives of Quang Nam residents during the rainy season. While this fish can be transformed into various delectable dishes, the most exceptional of all is the braised ram fish with a touch of turmeric and freshly picked ginger leaves.

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