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Focus: Sustainability requires collective effort: In pursuit of sustainable development, it is vital to recognize that sustainability is not a given but rather a result of concerted eff orts from various stakeholders with a shared objective. This view was shared by panelists at the “Sustainability and Beyond” seminar, held on November 15 by the Saigon Times Group as part of the Saigon Times CSR 2023 Merit Ceremony.

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Lending Rate Differentials: Basically, interest rate differentials on the market are a matter of course, as each bank has different capital expenses and thus different advantages and input costs.

Stringent EU Requirements For Farm Imports: There have emerged plenty of opportunities for Vietnam to boost farm exports to the European Union (EU) since the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) took effect on August 1, 2020. But strict EU criteria on sustainable development in agriculture will expose Vietnamese exporters to risks

The Privacy Problem: Traditionally, in daily interactions, Vietnamese people have cared little about privacy. However, for 30 years now, the right to privacy has gradually been specified in legal documents. If long-established habits are not altered, the protection of privacy will be largely a lip service in the modern-day society.


Revamping Strategies For Recovery: Many real estate businesses have pursued substantial loans to fund multiple concurrent real estate projects with the expectation of reaping significant profits. This investment approach has gained traction in recent times. However, according to economic expert Dinh The Hien, the future of the real estate market will deviate from past practices, leaving no space for such an investment strategy.

Inactive Accounts And Price Manipulation: Possibly, following the lead of MBS, other securities firms may also take steps to deactivate accounts that have remained dormant for an extended period. The total count of individual investor trading accounts in the domestic market might see a further decline during November.


Dealing With The PR Crisis: Dalat City, a renowned destination in Vietnam, is grappling with a significant social media crisis, with a barrage of negative reviews on a range of concerning issues, including landslides, floods, traffic accidents on major roads, deforestation, and potential threats to the cultural heritage within central district planning. The city is currently facing mounting challenges as these issues gain traction and attention on social media platforms.

Sportswear Brand Owner With Love Of Triathlon: A young woman became a triathlete in 2019, and she then founded her own sportswear business.


Pal Sol Steppe: A Haven For Trekking Enthusiasts: Pal Sol Steppe boasts a tranquil and picturesque landscape adorned with lush trees, meandering streams, and winding trails that crisscross the expansive carpet of grass. This combination lends a rugged and enchanting charm to the steppe, making it a magnet for travelers embarking on their Central Highlands exploration.

Vegetable Salad: A Central Highlands Delicacy: When venturing through the enchanting landscapes of the Central Highlands, one culinary delight that should not escape your taste buds is the unique vegetable salad, a cherished specialty deeply intertwined with the region’s heritage.

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