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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: Does Gold Price Weigh On Forex Rate? The domestic gold market has long been insulated from the international bullion trade, but the widening price gap has prompted many people with a strong appetite for gold to think twice.

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Cost Efficiency Matters: Despite a recent uptick in export volume, the pangasius industry is facing notable challenges. In order to strengthen the sector’s resilience, it is essential to address two key issues: the enforcement of stringent product quality control measures and the urgency of streamlining production costs.

Business Health Index In Decline: The White Book on Vietnamese Businesses 2022 shows that in 2017-2021, only 83% to 85% of registered enterprises reported their business performance, with 42% of them incurring losses, nearly 19% breaking even, and only 39% earning profits.

Still In Bad Shape: The real estate sector has continued to face challenges even after multiple rounds of interest rate cuts. It has struggled to absorb the available capital, causing businesses to be cautious about taking on loans due to a lack of promising growth opportunities.


Incentivizing Strategic Investors: The National Assembly (NA) has decided that Vietnam will apply the global minimum tax next year, but will use revenues from this tax to set up an investors assistance fund to attract strategic investors and support domestic enterprises in certain areas.

Hunting For A Bottom: Amid the prevailing market dynamics, several stocks that hit rock bottom in November 2022 have made remarkable recoveries, delivering substantial gains to investors. However, a select few stocks are yet to find their footing and establish a new bottom.


Embracing The Christmas Spirit: In the midst of Hanoi’s bustling urban landscape, there exists a neighborhood that radiates a unique vibrancy, particularly as the sun sets below the horizon. This enclave truly comes to life during the Christmas season, adorning the streets with a delightful array of colors and infectious joy. With each visit to Hanoi, my fondness for this neighborhood deepens, drawing me closer to its heart. I find solace in a charming boutique hotel tucked away in the narrow alleys of this district, allowing me to fully immerse myself in its festive spirit.

Conquering Ky Quan San Mountain Range: Ky Quan San, the fourth highest mountain in Vietnam at 3,046 meters above sea level, beckons nature enthusiasts with its awe-inspiring natural beauty. To ascend this peak successfully, good health and guidance from the local Mong ethnic people are crucial, as the journey entails three days and two nights of trekking.


Phuong Hoang Peak In Burning Grass Season: As the year draws to a close, Phuong Hoang Peak transforms into a breathtaking spectacle of vibrant yellow grasslands. This natural phenomenon bestows an otherworldly and romantic aura upon the landscape, reminiscent of scenes from a cinematic masterpiece. Travelers from near and far are drawn to this captivating destination, where they can immerse themselves in the vast, cool expanse.

Savoring Braised Flying Fish With Young Jackfruit: The timeless classic, braised flying fish with young jackfruit, has been a beloved staple in the culinary repertoire of the central region. It holds a cherished place on the daily dining tables of the local populace.

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