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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Charting A Way Forward In 2024: A key takeaway at the Government’s monthly presser in November 2023 is that the National Assembly has delivered a message for 2024, which is to prioritize economic growth, at 6.0-6.5%.

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Doubtful Cures For Ailing Banks: Scandals related to Vietnam Construction Bank (VNCB) and Saigon Joint-stock Commercial Bank (SCB) could be seen as the most devastating ones in Vietnam’s banking history in terms of the loss of money. There are similarities in both cases that point to loopholes in the country’s mechanism to deal with ailing banks.

Dealing With Troubled Banks: In order to rectify credit organizations, it is imperative to take the right remedial measure, no matter how stern it might be, economic expert Nguyen Tri Hieu said in a meeting with The Saigon Times. The views expressed in this article are his own.

A Labor Market Paradox: Even though unemployment is soaring, businesses are having difficulty with hiring to fulfill their year-end production plans.


A Daunting Path Ahead: Manufacturers are prepping for the peak sales season, traditionally a period marked by surging demand. However, even as signs of a nascent recovery emerge, an air of uncertainty lingers, casting shadows over the prospects of the upcoming peak sales season. Manufacturers grapple with the disconcerting possibility that this peak might not be as robust as they had anticipated.

Savings And Stocks: When examining the financial landscape, one can observe the relationship between savings and stocks. On December 11, the VN-Index had a P/E ratio of 13.86. While this figure is higher than the 10.51 recorded at the end of 2022, it remains lower than the five-year historical average. The P/E ratio lags far behind the attractive returns offered by the savings channel.


A Green Alternative to Plastic: In the picturesque Thanh Binh District of Dong Thap Province, nestled amidst lush landscapes, resides an innovator and environmental advocate named Do Dang Khoa. He serves as the driving force behind Thao Minh, a venture that harmoniously blends innovation with eco-conscious values.

A Taste Of Tradition: Nestled along the coastal city of Danang is the Nam O fish sauce craft village, a testament to a tradition dating back over 400 years. This village stands as one of the few remaining bastions of traditional fish sauce craftsmanship in Vietnam.


The Enchanting Beauty Of Tia Stream: Tia Stream beckons to travelers seeking an untouched destination to immerse themselves in and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Duck Pancake In Quang Nam Style: Using duck meat as a filling for the Vietnamese pancake is what sets Quang-style duck pancake apart, giving it a distinctive and delightful flavor.

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