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Focus: Pepper Market Excitement: The Vietnamese pepper harvest is on the horizon, with Tet (Lunar New Year) fast approaching. Farmers are filled with optimism as pepper prices began to rise in mid-2023, setting the stage for a joyous Tet celebration.

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Differences In Money Supply: The credit growth target which the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has set for this year is 15%. There has emerged concern over the risk of inflation resulting from rapid money supply growth. In the United States and other developed countries, money supply spikes three years ago were the source of runaway inflation. However, there are differences in the way money supply is managed between the U.S. and Vietnam, which need to be taken into consideration.

Divergent Real Estate Market Trends: In 2023, the industrial real estate market maintained its resilience, whereas the housing market witnessed sluggish growth. These divergent trajectories represent the blend of opportunities and challenges that characterized the real estate sector over the past year.

Anticipating Monetary Policy In 2024: As we have entered into the new year 2024, whether or not interest rates will be further cut is hard to tell. Monetary policy this year will revolve around the delicate task of striking a balance. Economic growth will be still needed but destabilizing factors like inflation, exchange rate volatility and bad debt should be handled with care.


Unlocking The Surge In Bank Stocks: While many stocks had a hard time in the first half of January, the benchmark market index surged, primarily propelled by the rise of bank stocks. What has fueled the bank stock price rally?

Seizing Twin Opportunities For FDI Attraction: “China has emerged as a global leader in technology, innovation, and clean energy. Vietnam can should find ways to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) from China and developed countries like the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. This will enable Vietnam to acquire knowledge, upgrade production capabilities, and keep pace with global trends in semiconductors and green technology,” said Professor Dr. Vo Xuan Vinh from the Business Research Institute of the University of Economics in HCMC during a conversation with The Saigon Times.


Tradition, Innovation For Sustainability: As you journey along Highway 61 in the Mekong Delta, from Cai Tac in Chau Thanh A District towards Phung Hiep, Long My, or Vi Thuy districts, and eventually reach Vi Thanh City, you will encounter numerous ponds dedicated to raising a special fish species known as that lat, a.k.a. bronze featherback (Nopterus). (ital Nopterus). Among these, the Ky Nhu Cooperative, led by Nguyen Kim Thuy and located in Phung Hiep District, stands out for its pioneering efforts in advancing the breeding of this unique fish.

Hue Enshrouded In Morning Mist: In the midst of the cool season, the former imperial capital of Hue awakens veiled in a thick morning mist. As dawn breaks, the streets become cloaked in a dense fog, giving the impression that the sky itself descends upon the city. This transformation bestows an even greater sense of magic upon the romantic land of Hue.


Trekking To Ta Xua Peak: Ta Xua Peak in the northwestern upland province of Son La unveils a picturesque trekking route that beckons tourists with its captivating blend of mountains, forests, and expansive skies. This renowned cloud hunting destination is often likened to ‘paradise on earth,’ offering visitors a chance to behold an endless sea of white clouds.

Savoring Perch At Xuan Thieu Village: Xuan Thieu perch, found in Bau Tram Lake within the ancient Xuan Thieu Village, Lien Chieu District, Danang City, is celebrated for its delectable and rich-flavored flesh, making it a standout culinary delight.

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