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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: A Wealth Of Opportunities: The German Business Association (GBA) has been playing a pivotal role in strengthening bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Germany. In an exclusive interview with The Saigon Times, Alexander Ziehe, new chairman of the GBA, revealed the ambitious vision of the new board amidst Vietnam’s evolving business landscape.

Inside Vietnam

Messages From The SBV: At a conference held on February 20, 2024 to find ways to boost credit to ride out difficulties and fuel economic growth, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) sent out some important messages, such as reducing lending rates, extending Circular 02/2023 on debt restructuring, and expanding the preferential credit package for forestry and aquatic products to VND30 trillion.

Cheap Deposits Return: After a period of decline, non-term deposits, technically known as current account savings accounts (CASA), are showing signs of strong recovery at many banks, enabling them to reduce interest rates for mobilized capital. What are the supporting factors behind this trend?

Money Is Not Cheap: In an interview with The Saigon Times, Do Thien Anh Tuan, a lecturer at Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, said that whether interest rates are high or low should be determined by real interest rates, i.e. the inflation-adjusted rate, and the average rate of return in sectors. He also gave some suggestions for businesses to access stable “cheap money” in the long term.


Coffee Market Volatility: Recent changes in demand, supply, and monetary policy have injected both buoyancy and risk into the coffee market.

Optimistic Outlook Amid Market Downturn: While the majority of stocks are not performing well, there is pervasive optimism on the market, baked by the rise in the VN-Index. As a market correction looms large, where will the market find support?


Model Khmer Boats In Soc Trang: Soc Trang’s Kim Hung is no ordinary truck driver converted into carpenter. His passion lies in the ngo boats that race on the river during Ok Om Bok festivals Now he dedicates more time to the Khmer boats but model ones.

Life On Mountain Ranges: Ha Giang, the northernmost province of Vietnam, boasts breathtaking landscapes that have captivated many tourists. However, it is the unique way of life among the local ethnic communities that truly makes this place special.


Discovering Wind Cave In Tuyen Quang: Located in the heart of Khuon Ha Commune, Lam Binh District, Tuyen Quang Province, Khuoi Pin Cave is a captivating natural wonder, enchanting adventurous travelers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Tasting Coconut Filling Cake In Soc Trang: The Khmer ethnic community in Soc Trang has crafted a distinct version of the Vietnamese crispy dumpling with coconut filling, known as banh quai vac nhan dua, which has captured the hearts of many tourists.

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