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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Consumers need better protection: When the story of an overdue credit card debt that has shot up from a mere VND8.5 million to a whopping VND8.8 billion over 11 years is on everybody’s lip, a question was raised: if the customer was aware of this situation, would it have happened? Contracts for banking, financial, insurance, and investment services are places where service providers often embed terms favorable to themselves. Therefore, consumers need to be protected through regulations and the effective enforcement of law.

Inside Vietnam

Foreign Trade On Tiptoe: Vietnam posted strong growth in trade in the first two months of this year, with trade surplus at a multi-year high. However, this development reveals issues that need special attention.

Wood Exporters See Hope: The prospects for global trade this year remain unpredictable, but there have emerged some positive signs in key markets such as the U.S. and the EU, which give hope to wooden products exporters in Vietnam.

A Bumpy Road: Amidst the challenges of climate change, pollution, and dwindling natural resources, businesses are increasingly compelled to transition towards the circular economy. However, this shift is not without its hurdles. Despite being in the minority and encountering numerous barriers, businesses persist in moving forward and show no signs of giving up.


Credit Card Debt Recovery: Financial expert Bui Kien Thanh said that in the United States, those who are late or fail to pay their credit card debt are excluded from a majority of economic activities, so no one wants to fall into this situation. The recovery of credit card debt is governed by laws that ensure fairness for both creditors and debtors.

Buying Opportunities Arise: Stock market corrections can be great opportunities for investors to restructure their portfolios and search for shares in industries with growth potential, particularly State-held shares that will be sold this year.


Tapping Into Vietnam’s Potential Market: Vietnam stands out as one of the fastest-growing economies in the region, making it a pivotal market for European pork producers. With its promising growth trajectory, Vietnam is poised to be a key focus for intensive cultivation in the years to come.

Colorful Country Roads: Hoa gao, known as Bombax ceiba or red cotton tree flowers, are currently in full bloom across various regions of Vietnam. The striking five-petal red silk cotton flowers resemble flickering flames, captivating and inspiring onlookers alike.


Discover The Majestic Beauty Of Dak G’lun Waterfall: Situated in the heart of the Central Highlands, Dak G’lun Waterfall entices visitors with its untamed allure and rustic charm, offering an escape into the wilderness and a communion with nature’s splendor.

Luoi Long Soup – A Refreshing Choice For Hot Days: Luoi long, also known as drooping prickly pear (scientifically known as Opuntia monacantha), is commonly found in central Vietnam and provinces in the south-central region.

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