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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

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Focus: Rushing to Offshore Funds: Startups are seeking capital from sources that are more accessible, cost-effective and supportive. Like mature birds spreading their wings, they venture far from their nests, uncertain of when they will return.

Inside Vietnam

Dual Concerns Over Declining Demand: The significant decline in aggregate demand in Vietnam’s economy since 2023, attributed to weakened investment, consumption, and exports, requires urgent remedial measures. This is an assessment by the National Economics University research group in the recently published 2023 Annual Economic Evaluation Book for Vietnam.

What Happens Next? With the current foreign exchange reserves able to sustain around three months of imports, selling foreign currency to stabilize the foreign exchange market is absolutely not a long-term solution.

Balancing Promise And Peril: To harness GenAI’s power, early adopters should proceed with a mix of enthusiasm and caution and ensure that hope outweighs unforeseen harm.


Is It Time For Bottom Fishing? In the wake of a rapid and pronounced market downturn, many individual and institutional investors are championing bottom fishing. This strategy is touted as the market has recently breached its support levels. But is it prudent to engage in bottom fishing under the current circumstances?

Financial Inclusion Challenges: The cycle of debt looms large over numerous low-income Vietnamese households, propelled by stagnant wages, restricted access to conventional financial services, and inadequate financial literacy.


Changing The Lives Of Animals: Exploring the world by running around the house is a common sight for cats and dogs. However, for our furry friends facing mobility issues, life takes on a profound challenge. Speaking to The Saigon Times, Oscar Fernando Ruiz Bonilla, founder of Forever WheelChair, shares his journey to manufacture mobility solutions for disabled and pet animals in the most heartwarming way possible.

Exploring Landscapes In The Countryside: The north-central province of Thanh Hoa boasts multiple breathtaking natural landscapes. Tourists are highly recommended to venture into the highland districts of Quan Son, Ba Thuoc and Muong Lat. Summer invites travelers to unwind amidst the refreshing streams and waterfalls, while the rugged mountains and lush forests offer a mesmerizing backdrop year-round. Witness the enchanting charm of terraced fields and immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of countryside markets.


Exploring The Stalactite Castle In Quang Binh: Tien Son Cave is often hailed as a stalactite castle, enchanting visitors with its majestic beauty, crafted by layers of stacked stalactites forming unique and captivating shapes.

Savoring Duc Linh’s Braised Pork With Ginger: Braised pork with ginger, renowned for its sumptuous blend of tender pork and zesty ginger, originated in Duc Linh District, Binh Thuan Province. Originally crafted to sustain labor-intensive tasks, this dish has earned acclaim and is now a beloved staple in locals’ daily cuisine.

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