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What’s in The Saigon Times Weekly this week?

The Saigon Times

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Focus: Is Exchange Rate Put At First? In response to the fall of domestic currencies, central banks in the region have two options. They can either sell foreign currency to intervene or raise interest rates. The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is flexibly using both.

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Monetary Policy Challenges: Were interest rates recently hiked to either “harmonize” with foreign exchange rate management objectives, or indicate a shift towards ending the monetary loosening policy intended to support the economy?

On The Road To Recovery: Vietnam’s real estate market is now on the brink of a major transformation after a long challenging period induced by the supply-demand imbalance, legal issues, and wide disparities between housing prices and incomes. Despite the persistent headwinds, there are high hopes for a rebound.


Vietnam Products Go Global: Vietnamese businesses have made the most of Amazon to enhance their reputation and penetrate domestic and foreign markets. However, local and global markets are two completely different challenges.

Interest Rate Headwinds: The stock market has come under pressure from rising interest rates and concerns over a return to high inflation. How do interest rates affect the stock market, and what should investors watch for in June?


Wine Trends Coming: When we think of wine, we typically think of alcohol. But what about wines with no alcohol? In the near future, you could see that everywhere, including in Vietnam.

Green Tea In Hoang Su Phi: Shan Tuyet, meaning “snow” in the high mountain, refers to the tea trees grown in the northern mountainous areas that remain cool and cold all year round. Hoang Su Phi District in Ha Giang Province is renowned not only for its mesmerizing terraced rice fields but also for its ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees. In Hoang Su Phi, Shan Tuyet tea covers an area of more than 4,600 hectares, mainly in the communes of Thong Nguyen, Nam Ty, Nam Khoa, Nam Son, Ho Thau, Ban Luoc, and Tung San. The district is also home to several 500-year-old Shan Tuyet tea trees, recognized as Vietnamese Heritage Trees.


Discovering The World’s Fourth Largest Cave: Pygmy Cave in Quang Binh Province, known for its spectacular natural landscape and rich biodiversity, has become a popular destination for adventure seekers. The cave also features a challenging trekking route and one of the most serene camping sites on the planet.

A Twist On Banh Khoai: When visiting Hue City, diners must try banh khoai made with kinh fish. This unique twist on the traditional dish features a distinctive preparation method and the sweetness of fresh fish, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

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