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When humans lose language monopoly

By Nguyen Vu

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Language is what differentiates between humans and animals. Through language, humans build civilizations, create abstract concepts shared in the community, such as fatherland, money, religion, and even modern concepts like business, legal entities. Now, like ChatGPT create language more agilely than the most eloquent person, taking away the human monopoly in this field. That is the reason behind the concern about the threats posed by AI. Imagine asking OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard the same mathematic problem: “Both chickens and dogs, 36 animals in total with 100 legs among them. How many chickens and how many dogs are there?” Suppose they immediately provide the answer, we would think they are machines, calculating like a computer. However, both ChatGPT and Bard explain the problem, using variables like calling the number of chickens ‘a’ and the number of dogs ‘b,’ making us think they are “intelligent” and can reason like humans. However, suppose we remove the factor of 36 animals from the question, and if they still reason the same way and give the correct answer, we might suspect that they are models familiar with these types of problems, just repeating like a parrot. However, in reality, ChatGPT says, “Information about the […]
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