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Where to go when summer comes?

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In the hustle and bustle of urban life, where can we find those precious moments of complete relaxation for ourselves and our families this summer?

Amid the cramped and sweltering atmosphere of the crowded city, adults may feel weary and hesitant about summer. At the same time, the laughter of children and a ray of sunlight through the leaves can unexpectedly bring back childhood memories of adventurous trips.

At this moment, what drives us to travel? Is it the gentle sound of ocean waves lapping against the sandy shore, the rustling of the mountains and forests, or simply the clock’s ticking, reminding us that time will eventually pass? This summer, let’s create more family trips and gather memories that will last forever.

Nestled in the idyllic natural scenery of the sea, sky, and mountains, the secluded and peaceful haven of Hon Heo Peninsula in Ninh Van Bay, 20km from Nha Trang, An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay is the ideal destination for families to disconnect from urban life and immerse themselves in nature.

The “Green & Healthy” resort space fosters family bonding. Guests often remark on feeling relaxed and at home in the warm-toned three-bedroom wooden villas. Here, you and your family can chat, gather for meals, and play in the shared living room and private swimming pool. And when needed, find privacy in separate bedrooms.

Even better is connecting with nature and immersing ourselves in the fresh air, which is essential for recharging our inner energy. Open your eyes to the sea through the open doors, gaze at the blue horizon under drifting clouds, step onto the balcony, lie by the tranquil pool, or stroll on the smooth white sand while listening to the murmuring waves and hidden paths beneath the foliage—summer fills every corner here.

Connect with the family through exciting outdoor activities. Beyond the private villa, your family can enjoy exciting outdoor activities like diving, kayaking, paddleboarding, or picnicking by the stream. Every day is a journey to bring family members closer together.

Experiencing a refreshing picnic by the cool stream under the noon sun is something your family must try when staying at An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay

An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay also pays special attention to the experiences of young guests, as there are plenty of activities designed specifically for little angels. From handicrafts, traditional games, and exploring organic gardens to cooking classes, they all contribute to happy, meaningful, and memorable moments with family.

Games made from recycled materials always keep young guests engaged

Balancing health with spa, yoga, and culinary experiences. In addition to the vibrant summer activities, health and well-being are essential elements of every vacation. Jungle Spa offers various massage therapies and health treatments that help the entire family regain balance and relaxation. Yoga or meditation sessions in the peaceful space of Ninh Van Bay will help everyone connect with nature, listen, and feel each breath.

Starting the day with a yoga class is a great way to rejuvenate

The culinary experience here is also an essential part of a complete trip. Especially after a fun time, recharging with energy excites the little ones the most. Enjoying dinner with locally inspired dishes prepared by talented chefs in the poetic setting of Ninh Van Bay is a must. Don’t miss the BBQ by the An Lam stream with enticing seafood dishes, or embark on a Catamaran journey to admire the sunset and indulge in delicious light cuisine.

Premium, fresh ingredients combined with organic vegetables bring the whole family a flavorful and emotional experience

Some moments bond a family that can only be felt in the heart, when laughter echoes through the sky and sea, when hands intertwine in a cozy dinner, or when stories are shared under the flickering candlelight. This summer, let An Lam Retreats Ninh Van Bay take wing for a journey of love and connection, where every moment together becomes a precious gem, forever preserved in the memories of each family member.

Please contact us for more information: rsvn.nvb@anlam.com

| T: (+84) 258 3728 388 | anlam.com

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