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Won a deep blue Mercedes-Benz, a teardrop story of poor village girl

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I met Mai Thu in the poor Tanh Linh District on a cold windy day at the beginning of the Year of the Buffalo 2021, when the sun was shining and the colorful Bougainvillea flower on the trellis was swaying lightly in the wind and showing its beauty on the background of the dry soil. With the eyes full of joyfulness and attractive to others, Mai Thu retold her journey to success with multiple difficulties.

Mai Thu said that she had been an extremely poor student. She went to university with over VND1 million that her mother borrowed from a pagoda after moving heaven and earth. Her companion during the period at the university was an old pair of flip-flops, which was so worn-out that it was broken at the university and she had to go home on bare feet. After graduating from the university and becoming an accountant, she had to grapple with difficulties to earn her living. Life was sometimes so tough that she found it hard to overcome difficulties.

“One day, I found a place to realize my dreams when I decided to apply to C.T Group. However, life was not as simple as I had thought. Starting from a position for fresh graduates who are young and inexperienced, I felt stressful to get used to the job. I always reminded myself that I had to remember all things I did, heard and saw. I forced myself to observe and pay attention to everything around me, make questions and find the answers myself to fulfill assignments smoothly and effectively.

“Day by day, I saw my job turn out to be interesting and I knew what I was doing, what I needed to do and how much effort I must spend to be able to complete all assigned tasks. I began to love my work, understand my teammates and know what the group’s leaders have been doing to cooperate with them.

“I have lived and worked like that and today, I feel that I almost have everything I want, such as an I-Home apartment with an area of nearly 70 square meters. I have helped my parents build a big house in a 1,000-square-meter garden in my hometown, which is filled with laughter of my loved ones. I have also supported my siblings so that they can have their own homes and good jobs.

“At the end of 2019, my team was awarded a Tet bonus worth over VND1.5 billion. We spent more than VND500 million helping my teammates with their study. Before the Lunar New Year holiday, I was moved to tears when I was voted as one of the most excellent employees of the group in 2020 and my reward was a Mercedes car. I felt that I was much luckier than my friends. But that was not all, when I registered the license plate for the car, the number is 88 2 33, a lucky number.

“To obtain these achievements, I have to be strong and resilient. I have never surrendered to difficulties and challenges as I always think that every challenge brings with it a chance. I have grasped all opportunities to obtain achievements.

“It was a long and arduous journey to achieve my goals and I had to be steadfast and try my utmost and must never forget my goals. I believed I could achieve them and C.T Group has nurtured my confidence. For me, C.T Group is a world which nurtures my dreams. I have made my life more meaningful and C.T Group has supported me during my journey.

“I am proud to be a member of C.T Group, which has helped me be stronger and more skillful and made my life happier and more prosperous than what I have dreamed of.”

Maybe Mai Thu wanted to share more but my curiosity urged me to ask her to use her deep blue Mercedes car to drive me around her hometown. On the way, I asked her how many people received the awards like her, Thu said four individuals and a team but her car’s color was the most beautiful. When I asked about her marriage plan, Mai Thu blushed with shyness and sneaked away. This may be a new goal of this energetic girl.

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